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INSTANT GOLDEN OATS 500G (Buy 10 Free RM20 voucher )

INSTANT GOLDEN OATS 500G (Buy 10 Free RM20 voucher )
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Size (length*width*height): 10cm x 10cm x 10cm

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Golden Oats contain various nutritions

Golden Oats contain various nutritional components such as high quality proteins, essential fatty acids, fibers, minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc), trace elements, phytochemicals as well as antioxidants. RNI Malaysia of zinc intake for children age between 6- 12 years old is around 5.1-9 mg/day, as it is essential for growth, and enhances immune system and fighting infections. A positive iron balance is difficult to maintain during the period of adolescence due to large pubertal growth spurt and maturation, hence iron intake is needed for this group to compensate the iron needed. In the other hand, as we age, the bone losses calcium. It is needed to consume enough calcium to offset the losses. Efficiency of calcium absorption decreases as people age. Hence magnesium can aid in calcium absorption and retention to develop optimum bone health.

Soluble Fibers & Beta-Glucan

Golden Oats contain abundant sources of soluble fibers, especially beta-glucan, which has been proven to reduce blood cholesterol level. It can affect satiety which helps in weight-management (Mälkki and Virtanen 2001). Besides, it can decrease the absorption of glucose and improves insulin sensitivity, in turn lower glucose level (Lammert et al. 2008; Daou and Zhang 2012). It also acts as prebiotic to stimulate the growth and/or activity of bacteria strain in the colon, thus regulates the colon pH which reduces the risk of colon cancer. In the other hand, insoluble fibers have a bulking effect and soften the stools, speed the passage hence aids in prevention of constipation.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, August 2002; 76(2):351-8

Helps Control Blood Pressure

Eating a diet high in fiber and whole grains helps your body maintain a healthy blood pressure. Oat satisfies both of those dietary requirements. Eating oat can reduce both your systolic and diastolic pressure. A blood pressure reading yields two numbers, such as 120/80. The first number is your systolic pressure; the second number is your diastolic pressure. The researchers noted that eating oat can reduce systolic pressure by as much as 7.5mm Hg and diastolic pressure by 5.5 mm Hg.
Journal of Family Practice, April 2002; 51(4):369

Specific Practices:

1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 cup of luke warm water + 1/4 of honey, stir well with food stirrer, after cooling apply to the face, wash off with clean water after 10 minutes.

INSTANT GOLDEN OATS 500G (Buy 10 Free RM20 voucher )
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