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In the past few year, we sell office furniture such as meeting table, we often faced the question ask by customer such as:


1) 6 Feet Meeting table and 8 feet meeting table can fit for how many people?

2) I want my meeting table can sit for 15 people, how big the meeting needed?

3) Is it my meeting table can fits in my room and etc.?


Today, AY wanted to tell you how to estimate the size of the table based on number of people.

For your information, the standard sizes of meeting table sell in the market are:


1) 6 Feet Meeting Table:

- W 180 CM X D 90 CM X H 75 CM

- can fit for 6 – 8 person

2) 8 Feet Meeting Table

- W 240 CM X D 120 CM X H 75 CM

- can fit for 8 – 10 person


However, sometimes we might look for meeting table which can fits more than 10 people, but what is the size we should look for?


Here is simple calculation formula created for you all to determine the sizes.

Sizes of Meeting Table = (Number of People-2) X Space of a person sits / 2



Space of a person sits = 60 cm


Hence, based on the formula, if you want a table that can fits for 15 people, then it should be:


Sizes of Meeting Table = (15-2) X 60 cm/2

= 13 X 60 cm /2

= 780 cm/2

= 390 cm


Therefore, 15 person meeting table should be at least 390 cm width.


However, if you no want front and back of the table to sit people, only the left and right hand sizes sit people, then formula will be


Sizes of Meeting Table


= (Number of People) X Space of a person sits / 2