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Dear Youbeli Valued Merchant, 

This announcement is addressed to ALL Youbeli Health & Beauty sellers. We need your cooperation by ensuring that your product complies with all laws applicable under MOH as we found that some of the products sold in Youbeli platform are under the prohibited and restricted list. Kindly take down any products that match any of the reasons below : 

  1. Misleading medical claims. Please refer the table below.
  2. Unregistered sex stimulants and suspected to contain poison/harmful ingredients (as attached).
  3. Section 4B of the Medicines (Advertisement & Sale) Act 1956 -- publication of advertisement without the approval by MAB
You may also refer to this article for more info on Medicines (Advertisement & Sale) Act 1956 and Regulations .

If you believed that your product is registered via MOH, kindly clarified with MOH and provide us the authorized letter from MOH. We will further investigate internally. 

Please ensure that your listing meets these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your selling privileges and suspension of your account. 

Youbeli won't be responsible for any act, penalty, fine or expense including attorneys' fees, resulting from failure to remove prohibited items from our platform.


Section 3 (20 Diseases)
1. Diseases or defects of the kidney 11. Drug addiction
2. Diseases or defects of the heart 12. Hernia
3. Diabetes  13. Diseases of the eye
4. Epilepsy or fits 14. Hypertension
5. Paralysis 15. Mental disorder
6. Tuberculosis 16. Infertility
7. Leprosy 17. Frigidity
8. Asthma 18. Impairment of the sexual function or impotency
9. Cancer 19. Venereal disease
10. Deafness 20. Nervous debility, or other complaint or infirmity,
      arising from or relating to sexual intercourse.
Kindly remove any products that contain keywords that were highlighted by MOH. Click HERE to see the list.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.