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Q & A - MK13 Natural High-Tech Trace Element Facial Water

Q1: Why do ladies like to put on make-up?
A1: This is because they want to be presentable and make the best impression in public. Secondly, make-up covers facial flaws.

Q2: Knowing that most cosmetics have side effects, why would women still use them?
A2: This is because they have not found one cosmetic brand that cares for their skin effectively.

Q3: Why are skin care and beauty products important to women?
A3: Overuse of chemical based make-up will result in dry skin. Add to the fact that as we grow older, our skin ages as well. Thus lack of water or moisture results in our skin becoming dry. Hence, most women would want to protect their skin to remain beautiful and youthful looking.

Q4: If there is an alternative skin care product that is 100% natural, that will last longer and nourish your skin from within, would you consider it?
A4: Yes.

Q5: So what is this product?
A5: This product is called MK13, a facial spray made from 100% natural essential trace minerals that:

a.Is easily absorbed into the skin

b. Provides nutrition to the skin

c. Repairs and restores skin cells to make you look younger

d. Helps generate collagen to restore your skin’s elasticity

e. Helps to shrink your pore sizes

f. Promotes healthy skin cells

g.Naturally brings about your inner beauty

h. And does not have any side effects.

Q&A from customers whom have used MK13

Q6: Why does my skin tighten after spraying MK13 on my face for the first time?
A6: MK13’s composition contains trace minerals in micro amounts, like sulfur that helps to synthesize collagen, which promotes skin regeneration.

(Note: The effect will be faster, if the person uses lesser cosmetic or beauty products on his/her face)

Q7: Why does the face itch and has red spots?
A7: This is due to Selenium (Se) composite, which is an antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals in our skin. As a result of detoxification, it triggers skin reaction out breaks.

Q8: After using MK13, why will the face feel dry and itchy?
A8: This is because MK13 trace minerals awaken the skin’s cells, alarming them that they are dehydrated and dehydration causes itchiness. Consequently, as you continue to spray MK13 on your face over a period of 14 to 30 days, you will notice your skin becomes more radiant and hydrated.

Q9: Can MK13 be used on the face that has silicon insertion or injection?
A9: Yes you can. When you first use MK13, there will be an itchy feeling (for some). This is a natural reaction as MK13 detoxify the skin from harmful chemicals and helps to restore your natural skin cells.

Q10: What are the consequences of sun exposure?
A10: The afternoon sun is most intense and contains the highest UV-A and UV-B radiation

These UV radiations have the following damaging effects:

UV-A : Causes wrinkles, aging, and fine lines, damaged cells, drying of skin and loss of skin elasticity.

UV-B : Accelerate skin aging and potentially cause skin cancer.

Q11: Can MK13 be used to replace sunscreen?
A11: MK13 contains micro amount of zinc which, to a certain extent, helps to prevent UV-A and UV-B, but if you plan to go under the sun for a period of time, for example at the beach, it is advisable to spray MK13 first, and then put on your sunblock cream.

Q12: If MK13 is put into the fridge, will the effect be better?
A12: Yes. The cool MK13 will help to reduce the skin temperature, avoiding breakage of the fine arteries under the eyes and may be used together with facial masks to enhance the overall skin benefits.

Q13: What are the key trace elements in MK 13?
A13: The key trace elements in MK13 and their benefits are as follows:

Trace Elements



BICARBONATE (HCO3-) Restores facial skin rosiness

Maintains the skin cell’s pH balance
SULPHATE (SO) Act as a natural anti-bacterial agent

Can promote the synthesis of collagen
ZINC (Zn2+) Anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling

Helps to treat pimples and acne

Disinfects and detox
Selenium (Se2-) Act as a natural anti-oxidant, prevents free-radical attack

on cells and tissues

Have anti-aging effects

Q14: If we accidentally spray MK13 into the eyes, will it harm the eyes?
A14: MK13 will not harm the eyes. Instead, it can clean your eyes to look brighter and its anti-bacterial property may help your eyes to become healthier.

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