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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is WebStore in Youbeli?
    A WebStore in Youbeli is a program that enables business owner like you to sell your products and to manage your inventory in
  2. Why we choose to sell at
    More than 10 years e-Commerce experience, stable platform with payment solution, existing genuine customer, genuine products. Merchants focus on products, we focus on the rest.

  3. Who are the customers in Youbeli?
    Majority of our customers has been with us for more than 5 years. They are quality customers which they spend on licensed software, games, copyrighted CD/DVD, genuine and quality products. Beside, we have many of them spend on their daily products from stationary to groceries. These include company and government department customers which they mostly buy on monthly basis.

  4. How do Youbeli promote the products?
    We advertise in Google Adwords, Forums and websites, and we run our own promotional campaign where customers get rebates on every purchase.

  5. How do i manage orders?
    You will be notified by email when customer placed order. Once the payment has confirmed, Our customer service will inform you to get ready the product for delivery. Once product is sent, you have to update the status and key in the consignment note number into our backend system

  6. How do i get paid?
    We will pay merchant by bank in cheque / bank transfer per every 7 / 14 days according to your WebStore package payment clearance day.

  7. What type of products cannot be listed in Youbeli?
    Products that violate government Malaysia's rules, fake, pirated, unauthorized will not allowed to be listed. They will be filtered by our staff. We will also send warning with reason to the merchant

  8. Can I sell something that is not listed in youbeli?
    As long as the product is legal and legitimate, Yes.

  9. Can I sell voucher, coupon, event tickets, magazine subscription?
    Yes, such product we will specially assist you on the setup and management.

  10. Do you have minimum and maximum pricing setting?
    Currently we do not have any pricing limitation.

  11. Do I need to give big discount in order to get sales?
    Any product with good discount is always better than none. Every month Youbeli will have marketing campaign, join our campaign to take advantage of the discount.

  12. Who to deliver the products?
    In most cases, product is pack and deliver by merchant, but some merchant may require our store and packing services which we do charge a small amount annually according to the product quantity and volumatric size of the inventory.

  13. Do you offer fraud protection?
    Yes. Youbeli's payment fraud protection helps you eliminate fraudulent orders for your products.

  14. How much does it cost to join Youbeli WebStore?
    We do charge WebStore annual fee, and order processing fee for each order. For more details, please send us an enquiry.

  15. Can I try it before I purchase?
    We do not provide free trial at this moment.

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