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MOH notification


Skincare and cosmetics products marketed in Malaysia is compulsory to be notified to the authorities (NPRA). Our products, whichever relevant to the definition and clause for cosmetic products, have been notified to the government. We do not stop there, in order to assure only high quality products reaches our customer, we have also appointed external ISO17025 accredited laboratory to conduct analysis of contaminants and microbiology. For detail information, kindly contact us. 

NOT161005047K  AcneFix Intensive treatment

NOT161005213K Energy of Life- Adorable Shower Gel

NOT161005210K FrozenAge Cleansing Milk

NOT161005540K FrozenAge Meno

NOT170302691K FrozenAge Penetrator

NOT161005211K FrozenAge Repair

NOT161005212K FrozenAge Revive

NOT161102352K IDEAL 35+ Multi Perfection Cream

NOT161005637K Iroise Enhydro 72-Hour Hydrating Serum

NOT161005638K Iroise Enhydro Bio Marine Day & Night Cream

NOT161005635K Iroise Enhydro Cleansing Elixir

NOT161102332K Iroise Enhydro Hydration Boosting Sleeping Mask

NOT161005636K Iroise Enhydro Oxygen Boosting Awakening Lotion

NOT161005639K Iroise EnhydroProtect & Hydrate Gel SPF50++++

NOT170906332K Mat & Miena Gel Mandian Wangi Ekstrak Teh Hitam Tanah Tinggi

NOT171002221K Mat & Miena Masker Professional Penjagaan Kulit Kepala

NOT171002220K Mat & Miena Perapi Penyegar Daun Pudina

NOT170906333K Mat & Miena Serum Multi Nutrien

NOT170906331K Mat & Miena Syampu Penyegar Daun Pudina

NOT161005642K Sensia Recovery Sensitive Skin Recovery Creme

NOT161005641K Sensia Recovery Soothing Tonic

NOT161005640K Sensia Recovery Ultra Mild Cleansing Foam

NOT161102336K Sensia Recovery Vitality Recovery Elixir

NOT160502396K AcneFix Foam Cleanser

NOT160502397 AcneFix Fruit Acid Rejuvenator

NOT160502398K AcneFix Herbal Complex Revitalizer

NOT160502400K WhitemallowAnti-Pollution Enhancer

NOT160502399K Whitemallow Cleansing Water

NOT160502401K Whitemallow Complexion Corrector

NOT160502403K Whitemallow Intensive Moisturizing Mask

NOT160502402K Whitemallow Night Repair Cream

NOT161005209K Whitemallow Anti-Glycation Serum 

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