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1. What is OShea 91+ Minerals ?

OShea 91+ Minerals is pure,highly concentrated Minerals derived from the ocean - 100% ‘NATURAL’ - with reduced Sodium Chloride. OShea 91+ Minerals provides a highly complex source of macro and trace minerals in the form and ratios provided by nature that are readily compatible with the body's requirements,to sustain and promote life as well. OShea 91+ Minerals concentrated Liquid contains trace elements to support 20,000 hormonal functions of the human body. OShea 91+ Minerals is 100% engineered by Nature.

It's a simple and convenient way to supplement your everyday mineral nutrition and boost hydration. It is ionic (provides electrolytes) and it is 100% natural minerals.Just droplets in to your daily drinks or beverage.

2. Where does it come from ?

OShea 91+ Minerals is sourced from the pristine water off the Great Barrier Reef – the largest World Heritage area (Sea/Ocean) in Australia.

3. How Is OShea 91+ Minerals made ?

In a closely guarded and pristine location of the Great Barrier Reef, Ocean water with minerals are collected in specially designed ponds.This water is allowed to slowly concentrate,utilizing the forces of SOLAR Evaporation and Precipitation.A dense solution rich in minerals both macro and trace slowly develops. At this point,excess levels of sodium in crystalline form are gently remove from the solution.The solution is then transferred to another pond where it is allowed to concentrate even further,prior to being transferred to the last solar concentration pond.

After many months of solar concentration,a dense solution rich in all manner of minerals and yet remarkably low in sodium ( approximately 2% ) is formed.This mineral rich anti-microbial and proprietary process to ensure its efficacy and suitability for human consumption. Throughout this long process the solution is constantly monitored,and samples are repeatedly collected for analytical testing in a . Accredited Laboratory to ensure that the purity,consistency and concentration of minerals in this natural product is within and acceptable range for human consumption. This incredible 100% Natural Ocean Derived Liquid Mineral Supplement is naturally balanced and full of ionic trace elements.

4. Is it safe ?
The natural process concentration of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other trace elements are determined by standard analytical procedures outlined by the American Public Health Association (APHA) A sample analysis have been performed by the Food and Agricultural Laboratories of Australia.

Samples are analyzed for microbial content to ensure that the product always meets Australian and International food standards.

The product has been tested for oral toxicity. lt was found to be non toxic and had no adverse acute effect when ingested.

5. Is this a chemical base or drug related product ?

NO ! OShea 91+ Minerals has nothing to do with chemical or drug nor medicine. It is registered in Malaysia with KKM under Food Category.

6. What can OShea 91+ Minerals do for our body ?

As a natural food supplement that consists of COMPLETE minerals & trace elements as in our blood, it may provide your body with the necessary minerals and trace elements sometimes lacking; so that it can be beneficial where required.

OShea 91+ Minerals can replenish the body's electrolytes and aid in maintaining optimum hydration.

7. Don’t I get enough minerals in my daily diet ?

Unfortunately the food we eat today especially rice and vegetables is no longer an effective source of essential minerals.In order for the food source to be rich in essential macro and trace elements,it must be grown in soil which is rich in these elements.

The advent of modern agricultural chemicals and technology has severely degraded the soil on which we rely so much.The overuse of land,along with the use of chemical fertilizers and insecticide has left vast tracts of land sterile ( emptiness ).In order for soil to be healthy it must be a subterranean biological maze of life .The only way u can be assured that u are getting all the minerals your body requires to maintain health,is by taking a high quality natural trace mineral product like OShea 91+ Minerals .

8. How many drops can one consume daily ?

Up to 120 drops / 5ml (approximate) a day; based on Magnesium’s RDI ( Recommended Dietary Index ) of 400 mg. Each drop is approximately 3 mg of Magnesium. The rest of the minerals i.e. Potassium, Calcium, Sodium are much lower/lesser in quantity (as in our blood plasma’s ratio) compared to Magnesium.

Note: At 120 drops of OShea 91+ Minerals , the Sodium intake is 90mg which is only 4 % of RDI, which makes OShea 91+ Minerals VERY friendly to consumers on a low sodium diet. It may help to balance our body’s blood pressure.

9. Must I ‘take it’ daily ?

In today’s diet habits in our food being more acidic AND also a lack of balanced minerals even in organic food coupled with pollution and stress – YES, as our body do not produce minerals. With OShea 91+ Minerals complete minerals our body can function properly.

10. What happens if one takes an overdose ?

Rest assured that OShea 91+ Minerals has been tested for toxicity and it is NON TOXIC. In the event that an ‘over-dosage’ occurs, the body may react with a quick visit to the toilet… As every individual body is unique in it’s requirement and reaction, OShea 91+ Minerals recommended dosage is meant for general consumers (99%) and is considered a low dosage. Consumers in Australia with higher BMI (Body Mass Index) is recommended to take 120 drops (5ml) daily.

11. What do I do if I have an adverse (bad) reaction after taking ?

Drink plenty of water and if the symptom persists, consult a Physician/Doctor. You may resume with lesser drops and increase it slowly – daily/weekly. This allows the body to adjust itself without the discomfort.

12. Why do I feel tired after taking OShea 91+ Minerals ?

Feeling tired is your body’s message that it needs to take a rest. The physiology of the human body and the interaction with different food and minerals is complicated and research is constantly being done. Simple explanation - with the right food/minerals the body can ‘get to work’ and as such it will send a message – ‘take a rest’. In cases of extreme tiredness, avoid taking OShea 91+ Minerals at work. Take it during your evening meals and you may have the most refreshing sleep.In most cases, this tiredness will pass after a few days or so.

13. Why do I feel pain and body discomfort after taking ? (Lorry driver/office staff or in general )

For people who are stationed in one place, will experience pain and discomfort after taking OShea 91+ Minerals . This is due to lack of practical body and muscle movement. OShea 91+ Minerals will start improving all body functions to better levels. By that a sudden change is experienced, so there will be some discomfort for a few days till our body gets use to it. This is a normal response and should go away. Also for some people,when the body and organs is in the process of balancing or healing itself,some discomfort maybe experienced.It has been known to provide more energy in some consumers,while in others drowsiness. Some known :- ‘ healing discomfort ‘ are :- Too Energetic,Drowsiness,Headaches,Joint-aches,Increase/Decrease in appetite,Body Pains.

14. Why do I feel active/energetic after taking OShea 91+ Minerals

OShea 91+ Minerals is ionic and it is FULL of electrolytes. These charges up your body. This is why athletes take energy drinks. OShea 91+ Minerals may be mix with water to use as an energy drink.

15. What is an electrolyte ?

An electrolyte is any substance containing free ions that behaves as an electrically conductive medium. ... electrolyte - a solution that conducts electricity; "the proper amount and distribution of electrolytes in the body is essential for health"

Salts in the blood, eg sodium, potassium and calcium.

16. How to make my own Isotonic OShea 91+ Minerals

Preparation (approximate guide): Put 20 drops OShea 91+ Minerals into 250ml Loko Energy Water or any filtered water.
Note: Isotonic water is 0.9 part solids : 1000 part water

17. Can I take it with other medication / supplement? When ?

Wait half an hour before or after medication or other supplement, although OShea 91+ Minerals is not a drug or medicine nor is it toxic.
With OShea 91+ Minerals you get complete & ionic minerals and trace elements, you may not need any other supplement.

18. Can I take it with other supplement ?

Refer to Question 14 (above)

19. What ‘goes’ best with OShea 91+ Minerals

OShea 91+ Minerals goes very well with acidic/sour-ish fruit juices (making the juice taste sweeter) AND with Loko Energy Water.

Consumers have been known to drip it in hot soup, milk, coffee, tea, curries, half-boiled eggs, etc.

20. How does OShea 91+ Minerals compares to salt ?

OShea 91+ Minerals is derived from the sea/ocean but NOT a salt in the layman’s terminology. It is minerals and trace elements that is lacking in Table Salt. If we are over-consuming salt, OShea 91+ Minerals may help to balance it.

21. How do OShea 91+ Minerals compares to other similar products ?

OShea 91+ Minerals is a SUPER concentration of Ionic Minerals & Trace Elements at saturated level – meaning, that if water is further removed, the minerals will form crystals! Minerals works BEST in liquid, ionic form. This confirms OShea 91+ Minerals as the MOST readily AVAILABLE, COMPLETE & IONIC minerals & trace elements SUPPLEMENT. OShea 91+ Minerals is not knowledgeable about other products… ;

22. I feel an elevated blood pressure after OShea 91+ Minerals Why ?

OShea 91+ Minerals works very fast. If the discomfort is NOT manageable – CUT down to half (1 /2 ) dosage or less. Increase it daily until the desired dosage. Rest assured that OShea 91+ Minerals is beneficial and your body may be already going throught a ‘healing discomfort’.

23. What’s the ‘dosage’for Hyper or Hypo-Tension ?

Cautious Method / Dosage 1 drop in your favorite drink or Loko Energy Water or any Filtered Water and increase the drops daily.

24. What if I have Low Blood Pressure and Low Blood Sugar ?

U can consume OShea 91+ Minerals for good health but cut down to half ( ½ ) dosage or less.

25. Can I give it to my children ?

Yes, you can, but with a mild/low dosage. eg. children Below 6 years – 1 Drop mix with 1 litre of water.Children above 6 years 1Drop mix with 1 cup of water.Milk is also applicable. ( coffee,tea and others )

26. What is the benefit for children ?

To facilitate children meeting their full development potential,the fluids that maintain their organs must have adequate levels of minerals both macro ( major ) and trace ( minor ).

If you want your child to exel in school,in play and in life generally,you will want to give them OShea 91+ Minerals . Superior problem solving capabilities,unimpeded brain activity to achieve academic potential and uncompromised immune system.


Disclaimer: All information and statements have not been evaluated by the Health Ministry. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.

  • Registered in Malaysia with KKM under Food Category
    KKM – 163/S/25 Jld.84
    KKM - 163/S/25 Jld.84


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