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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

1. Sale of Equipment. Company hereby sells to buyer and buyer hereby purchases from the vending machines described on hereto.

2. Payment. Payment of the purchase price shall be made by buyer to company in cash term including 6% standard rated of GST. All invoices submitted to buyer by company shall list the items of vending  machine purchased.  Buyer's should refer tax invoice number appear on invoices for any enquiries.

3. Site Preparation. Buyer shall be responsible for preparing a site suitable for the installation and operation of the vending machine which shall include, but not be limited to   power and operational considerations.

4. Installation. Company shall install the vending machine at the installation site and connect to the safety switches or electrical outlets to be provided and installed by buyer. Buyer shall comply with all permits and licenses required by Federal, State, or local authorities in connection with the delivery and installation of the vending machine.

5. Testing. Upon completion of installation of the vending machine, company shall perform prescribed tests to determine that the vending machine is operating in good conditions. 

6.  Acceptance. Company shall present buyer with a Final Certificate of Acceptance. Final acceptance occurs when buyer executes and returns to Company the signed Final Certificate of Acceptance. A copy of operator and service instruction manuals are to be provided to buyer by company.

7. Training. Prior to acceptance of the vending machine or at such other time as the parties may mutually agree, company shall provide, at no cost or expense to buyer, training in operation of the vending machine to buyer or for employees designated by buyer.

8. Warranty & Services. The vending machines is sold with twelve (12) months warranty of any kind of equipment's from the date purchase and company agrees to repair or replace the defect parts any customary and reasonable service issues that may transpire. The replacement parts shall have a same functionally, however will not necessarily a new ot secondhand parts. Traveling fee will be charged although within the warranty period. Other wise we provide customer support by phone.

The warranty should not be applicable under the following circumstances: 

i. The defects caused by fire, lightening, natural disaster, pollution, abnormal voltage, or the usage of voltage and incidents.

ii.      The unit tempered by in any way negligence, vandalism or accidental incidents.

iii.     Conversion and remodeling

iv.    Damage caused by animal or insect.      

Items such as plastic parts, fluorescent lamp, and lamp cover are not covered by warranty. The buyer shall notify the company and states such as defects complete with machine model and serial number in easy company promptly replace the defective parts and some charges will occurs.

9. Loss and Cause. Loss and cause which may arise to the property damages and personal injury caused by or resulting from (a) Improper installation of the product and electrical components (b) Unexpected or uncontrollable events such as power surge damages caused by lighting and fluctuation in or interruptions of the electrical power, shall not be borne by the supplier even though it occurs in or out warranty.

10. Purchase stock. Buyer is recommended to purchase beverages stock with us with Two percent (2%) to Five percent (5%) discount depending on type of manufacture of beverages.

11. Repurchase plans. We offer to buy back vending machine from buyer who no longer wants to sell the products. Buyer will contact Company for disposing of the vending machines to allow buyer the opportunity and, at no cost to Buyer, to properly remove and dispose of the Vending Equipment. Turn your idle machine into cash. We are al ways looking to purchase used vending machine in good condition. No deal is too large or too small, and we handle the shipping.

12. Miscellaneous. This constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and may be amended only in writing signed by both parties. The undersigned acknowledges that he or she has the authority to sign on behalf of Buyer and has read, understood and agrees to the terms of this Bill of Sale.