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Common Problems Nowadays: Children’s Picky Eating Habits


Children’s Picky Eating Habits Seems to be a Common Problem

Nowadays, picky eating is a typical behavior for children. Most of them also don’t like eating fruits and vegetables. It is very hard for parents to provide their children with balance and nutritious diet since they are busy at work every day.

     KiddyGoodyTM is a healthy drinks with the mixture of probiotics and 20 types of mixed grains and became the first launching in Malaysia with the idea of cereal mix with probiotics.  The children will like the taste of sweet flavor in yogurt cereal which is obtain from the source of beet roots and fructose.


Energize Your Day With KiddyGoody

Most of the parents will face the same problem on how to get their children to eat vegetables when they feed their children. They need to force them with the “one bite rule,” requiring the child to try at least one solid mouthful of vegetables whenever it is served. Many children start refusing vegetables as toddlers even though vegetables contain vitamins, fibre and antioxidants that are more likely to ensure their health.

     However, motivating young children to increase their intake from vegetables often presents a challenge. Don’t worry! KiddyGoody Yogurt Cereal will be your first choice and help you to solve the problem. KiddyGoody Yogurt Cereal contains 20 types of mixed grains. Adding into this balanced nutrition are 10 kinds of high quality nutrients and each cup will provide about 10 billion (10CFU) probiotics, achieving the effect of good bacteria eating bad bacteria to give us a complete nutrient absorption.  

     Currently, KiddyGoody Yogurt Cereal launched has been 1.5 years and now can be purchased at many places such as Klang Valley, Malacca, Johor, Kuantan, East Malaysia, etc. It also became a best-selling healthy drinks nowadays in Malaysia.


Smooth & Sweet Taste Leave a Lasting and Pleasant Aftertaste

KiddyGoody Yogurt Cereal is formulated in the United States. A latest advanced technology is used in order to ensure maximum nutritional value.  It is a genetically modified free product and formulated with 100% natural ingredients which do not contain any artificial coloring and preservatives. KiddyGoody Yogurt Cereal also contains DHA, AA, Omega-3, Taurine and Lecithin. All these are important component for the development of brain and retina.

     DHA plays a key role in the structure and function of neural tissues, most notably those of the retina and brain. Taurine is a potent brain nutrient, lowers blood pressure, protects the heart and fights inflammation. Besides that, Lecithin has shown a tendency to aid the brain in memory and improve learning ability. They are likely to experience increased memory and ability to recall specific information. 

     KiddyGoody Yogurt Cereal contains fructose which provides sweet taste roughly one and a half times sweeter compare to Sucrose. Fructose provides instant energy for an active lifestyle in order to let us feel more energetic and active thus less chance of getting high blood pressure. It is also difficult for fat to accumulate yet do not produce dental problems. The pink color of yogurt cereal is extract from beetroot. Beetroot is low in fat, full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants. It is rich in fibre, exerting
favourable effects on bowel function, which may assist in preventing constipation and help to lower cholesterol levels.