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Create an iPhone or iPad App or Game in 4 weeks With No Programming Skills And Make Money Selling It


Have you heard of mobile advertising platforms like Admob, iAd, inMobi, Adfonic and others? Actually it is a similar idea to Pay per click ads from Google Adwords. Advertisers are paying somewhere from 5 cents to $7 or even $9 dollars per click to get their ads displayed. And where do you think all these millions of ads are showing up? That’s right, in your free apps!! You get paid for advertising space in your App!

It’s just like having a popular website- people would want to advertise on your website as well!

If you get in the Top 100 list in the App store, you’ll average $400-$5000 just from having people advertising on your App! You don’t even do anything but create it! It’s so easy, like placing a banner on a site!

And I will show you exactly how to do it!

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