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Winepak About Us


Winepak Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd

is one of the most established and experienced alcoholic producer and distributor in Malaysia. Its founder, Mr Yeo Eng Chiang, is also the chairman of the Malaysian Bottling Association as well as on various board of Wine and Spirit association. His passion coupled with over 60 years of experiences in this industry, has contributed to the success of Winepak Corporation today.

Winepak Corporation strong reputation comes from its core belief and improvement to meet the ever changing consumer taste. It was awarded contracts and bottling these top internationally acclaimed alcoholic beverages. Click to read more about our best whiskey in Malaysia.

It also produced and marketed its own local brands that become a hit and highly-sought after beverages in Malaysia today. To add to its portfolio, Winepak Corporation is also the first Malaysian company to produce white wines, red wines and glutinous rice wines.