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Black Tea Brewing Tips (Hot and Cold)


Hot Black Tea Brewing Tips

1. Recommend using heat preservation teapot and cup.
2. Preheat the teapot : pour a little of boiling water from your kettle to the pot and cup. Preheat teapot is to avoid heat drop once hot water is pour over to the tea leaves.
3. Best water to brew tea is filtered or bottled spring water with a natural mineral. Distilled water is not recommended because of water already purified without any more oxygen and mineral.
5. Appropriate 3grams of dry black tea leaves.
4. Select the right water temperature for black tea is 92º C to 98º C .
5. Pour over the hot water to teapot and steep for 3min to 5min.
6. Enjoy!

Cold Black Tea Brewing Tips

Cold Brew without ice
1. Use a loose tea infuser
2. Add 9-12g black tea leaves to 1L room temperature water
3. Refrigerate for 4-10 hours. Longer time extracts stronger flavor and more caffeine.
4.Take out infuser and filter the tea leave out. Enjoy

Cold Brew with ice
1. Add 15g tea leave to 500ml hot water and steep for 3-5min.
2. Filter our the tea leave and add on 300cc room temperature water.
3. Add some of ice cube and you can enjoy!


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