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About Deep Steamed Tea


Deep Steamed Green Tea

***Original From Shizuoka, Japan***

            Deep Steamed Green Tea (深蒸し茶) known in Japanese as "Fukamushi-cha”.
During processing deep steamed tea is steamed more longer than regular Japanese green tea or Sencha. This sounds like a simple procedure, but actually it takes great skill and knowledge, such that most tea companies in Japan are unable to do it.
            Deep steaming causes tea leaves to lose their "leaf shape" and become separated. That makes this tea appear more powdery than others. 
           Our imported Fukamushi Sencha are made from Kakegawa's (静岡県掛川)Tea Plan which locate at low altitudes flatlands which take stronger sunlight than mountainous district has a high Catechin content.
         The tea will be good for your health because the processing makes the elements such as Catechin and vitamins easily seep into the tea.



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