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How to Brew Japanese Green Tea


How to Brew Japanese Green Tea

First you have to define what types of the green tea and the tea form.

The tea is in loose form, tea bag or powder, with different form you must use the different way for the tea brewing. From Water quality, time and type of utensil we have to consider to make a perfect cup of tea.

Many people consider the traditional way make tea is difficult, however nowadays you can brew tea with modern way or simple instructional guide. Just follow the explanation way for tea brewing tips.

Japanese Green Tea (Loose form)

Japanese green tea processing by steamed and not direct heat treated. Therefore Japanese green tea can be brewed at low temperature and few minute, this will result full flavor in cup of tea. Just follow the step by step as below; you will happy to brew tea with happy J

  • Water quality

Water quality probably will influence your tea. We recommend fresh, filtered or bottle water and make sure water have not lot of mineral or chemical for the best tea.

  • Spoon of green tea leaves

Take about 2g to 3g pour into your teapot, meaning 1 teaspoon. However use as much as eta as suit with you.

  • Water temperature

Nowadays, many homes and offices use an electric water dispenser, in which the temperature is set at a constant degree. You can use kettle or microwave for water boiling.

Make sure the water temperature about 70°C to 80°C and this is the best result to brew Japanese green tea. How to measure water temperature? Once water is ready, if you can hold the water container more than 3 second, the water temperature is suitable.

  • Teapot

We recommend a teapot that has removable metal strainer easy for you filter the tea leaves and cleaning process. You may can get the tea utensil from Daiso.

When you place the tea leaves to the strainer, pour over the water toward to the tea leaves.

  • Infusion time

The best time for the Japanese green tea is about 2min to 5min.

****** You can enjoy your cup of tea now ******

Fulleaf imported all is Deep steamed tea, you will squeezing till last drop of the green tea. Every drop of tea will make you enjoy the refreshing and feel the rich of green.


Japanese Green Tea (Tea Bag form)

Brewing our teabags is as convenient and easy as any other tea. Please pay attention to the water temperature and infusion time, which are the same as for the corresponding loose leaf tea.

Cold Brewing Green Tea (Tea Bag)

Step 1

•Use one tea bag for a 1-litter water bottle.

•Put a tea bag in the bottle and pour water in it.

Step 2

•Keep the bottle in a refrigerator for a few hours until the leaves open.

Step 3

•Before drink, stir the tea to make the green tea extract.

•It is ready when the color turn to green


Keep the cold water brewed tea in a refrigerator and consume it on the same day.


Hot Brewing Green Tea (Tea Bag)

Use 1 tea bag into tea jug or Japanese teapot. Pour approximately 700ml hot water.

Keep the tea bag brew for few minute


The best water temperature for brew green tea is 70degree to 80degree


How to store tea

  • Tea Leaves Storage

For unopened packages of tea, we recommend that tea leaves be stored in refrigerator.

After opening, store your tea in an air tight container in a dark cool cabinet but not the refrigerator.

Once the package is opened, tea has a shelf life of about three months.

When you uses it, store at room temperature or put it in tea can the amount used up in about a week, if it is possible to store in the refrigerator tightly closed the mouth of the bag.

NOTE refrigerator moisture and other foods taste 

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