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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


StrawberryNET.Com Frequently Asked Questions

Hundreds of customer enquiries are received by us every day, so in order to provide easier access to information by our customers we have listed below some of the more common questions we receive. 

Q. Are all your products fresh and genuine?

A. Definitely, 100%. We never sell anything other than genuine brand items on our website.

Our products are sourced from around the world, so a small number of the products sold on our website may look slightly different from what you have at home, but the products are still 100% genuine and produced by the original manufacturer for that particular brand. For example, a product sold in the US may differ in appearance from the same product sold in France or Japan, but the product is still genuine.

Freshness is also 100% guaranteed as we keep all our stock in a temperature controlled environment prior to shipping and subject to regular quality control checks.

Q. Do you provide samples?

A. Sometimes. Please note we have some of the lowest prices on the internet together with free shipping. As we purchase from our suppliers at only the best prices, additional samples are not always supplied. However, we do include free samples in orders if they are available. Please note free samples can only be sent included with an order.

Q. Would you be able to find something not listed on your website?

A. Quite possibly. We have an extensive global supplier network which ensures our product range is the largest anywhere on the internet so we just might be able to find what you're looking for, even if it's been discontinued in your country. If you have ordered an item before but don't see it listed anymore, it is most likely just sold out. We are normally able to replenish stock within a week so keep checking regularly. Unfortunately we are unable to notify individual customers when stock arrives or when the next shipment is coming in, so please keep checking the website for the latest stock update.

Q. I have x type skin, with y characteristics and z problems. What type of product would suit me best?

A. Our speciality is sourcing all major brands, from all around the world and selling at the lowest prices on the net, with free shipping and a loyalty programme offering significant discounts on top of the best prices. To be able to do this we operate on a very tight cost budget and do not employ the skin or color specialists, nor the technology to answer this type of question comprehensively. Rather than try and just give you an answer, we would rather be honest and suggest you obtain these answers elsewhere, from the brands or specialist sites, and then use us to repeat purchase at the best price.

Q. Why aren't I receiving answers to my emails?

A. Please note that we endeavour to answer all e-mails within one hour. If you have not received any reply with 24 hours, please check the points below before sending a follow-up message.

If you receive any messages to your mail-box with the subject "Returned mail" or "Non-delivered mail", your message is not received by the recipient. This might be caused by two factors

  1. You may have written the wrong e-mail address. Please check our e-mail addresses on the Contact Us page and try again.
  2. Your e-mail settings may be preventing you from sending e-mails overseas. Some e-mail providers prevent some e-mails being sent abroad. Please check with your e-mail provider for further details.

Email: for more information.



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