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Industrial Grade 70percent IPA alcohol 1L to kill bacteria and virus

Industrial Grade 70percent IPA alcohol 1L to kill bacteria and virus
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  • Industrial Grade 70 % IPA alcohol 1L which can kill bacteria and virus
  • Can be used to kill bacteria on sofa/fabric and all home-living environment
  • Industrial grade which 70% IPA diluted with distile water hence no natural water organism in the content
  • Distile water grade for mixture is the most purity grade which offer best cleaning effect once mixed with IPA
  • Suitable to use to kill bacteria on car interior as well
  • Most suitable and budget solution for eliminate bacteria/virus
  • Also can use to remove oil film surface and remove any oil dirt
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Product Information

What's in the box:

1 x Industrial grade IPA alcohol 70% mixed with 30% distiled purity water


1.Prepare a clean spray bottle and pour IPA chemical into the spray bottle.

2.Spray on the surface which require disinfection.

3.User can use a wet towel and spray on the wet towel then wipe on the surface for the best economic solution.


How Does Alcohol Kill Bacteria?
IPA are alcohols that kill bacteria. Alcohols kill bacteria by first making the lipids that are part of the outer protective cell membrane of each bacterium cell more soluble in water so that the cell membrane begins to lose its structural integrity and fall apart. As the cell membrane disintegrates, alcohol can then enter the cell and denature proteins within each bacterium.

Why 70% grade of IPA?
70%IPA solution kills microorganisms by dissolving plasma membrane of the cell wall.Plasma membrane of gram negative bacteria consist of thin layer of peptidoglycon that easily destroyed by the alcohol.

Compare 100% IPA content with 70% IPA:
100% IPA coagulates the protein instantly creating a protein layer that protects the remaining protein from further coagulation. Due to this organism is not killed but remains in dormant stage. While 70% IPA alcohol solution penetrates in the cell wal at slower rate and coagulates the all rptein of the cell wall and microorganism dies. Thus 70% IPA solution in water is more effective then 100% absolte alcohol and have more disinfectant capacity.

Is IPA alcohol same with beer alcohol drink?Which is not permitted under religous law?
No. IPA is not beer.This IPA cannot drink and not food grade. Only for cleaning and bacteria/virus killing solution. All medical related equipment are required to treat with medical grade alcohol IPA in order to prevent bacteria/virus grow under normal environment.
Hence IPA is not violates any religous rule, but serve as a cleaning agent.

This IPA is not food grade. Leave it away from all kids and animal.
This IPA is not medical grade. DO NOT apply on bleed skin or any infection organ such as injured wound.
This IPA serves more as a cleaning agent and works better than febreze.
This IPA do not contain fragrance to prevent skin sensitive problem.
Be aware that this IPA will have alcohol smell.

**Please be informed this IPA is flammable category product. Hence special care of delivery if important to handle your parcel delivery.




Industrial Grade 70percent IPA alcohol 1L to kill bacteria and virus
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