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Indigeneity And Food (Penerbit UKM)

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Penerbit UKM
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Penerbit: Penerbitan UKM

Mukasurat: 285 muka surat

Tahun terbitan: 2021

Bahasa: English

lndigeneity and Food: Politics, Transnationalism & Social Inclusion takes you on a journey to fulfil this metaphysical quest, constantly oscillating between anxiety and bliss. The first part of the journey revisits the sources of our everyday food, starting with lush jungles yielding regenerative flora and wildlife, for which both its natural environment and gatekeepers are in dire need of protection. The transformational process of raw foodstuff in food manufacturing plants questions our social representations of authenticity and indigeneity: a Japanese case study gives us some insightful answers to the conditioning process - in all meanings of the term - of indigenous foods. The journey continues with the great voyages of old, spanning from the classical era to Renaissance. The book investigates the lost Middle-eastern origins of the mythical hummus and take us back to the time of the great spice race in the Malay archipelago, which contributed to the rise of creolised merchant communities. The intriguing cuisine of these Peranakan communities is rigorously described in one of the chapters, while the transnational culinary ties between the Fujian province of China and the Chinese-Hokkien community in Malaysia is astutely scrutinised. Another of these great voyages leads us to India, where we learn more about Ayurveda or "food as medicine", in the ancient belief system of Hindu India. More than a simple deciphering of ayurvedic food, the authors venture into conceptualising the transection of a Hindu-based cosmovision of food with the collective psyche of two Muslim yet multi-ethnic societal models such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Beyond nostalgia for origins lies the last layer that cements a sense of ontological security: sense of belonging. Sense of belonging can be unveiled during the everyday unpacking of an American meal-kit, or while buying street food in one's own neighbourhood, or even at the occasion of consuming glamourous dishes in a hipster café. All these experiences question in different ways our own degree of food nationalism versus our appetite for social inclusion. The answer to the quest for ontological security through the magnifying lens of food and cuisines may not lie within the postcolonial and controversial concept of indigeneity. In contrast, the conditions for producing the alternate construct of food indigenousness might prove a much more rewarding scientific project. The foundations for such a programmatic research are laid in the conclusion of this fascinating and multi-layered edited volume.

ERIC OLMEDO, PhD., is a sociologist by training. He is currently a Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM): The National University of Malaysia, where he leads the Professional Engagement Division. He is listed as expert in workforce development and capacity building for tourism and hospitality industry sectors by various international agencies; as such he has led fieldwork missions on behalf of the French Development Agency, the African Development Bank and the World Bank. These missions took place in Europe, South Africa as well as Central and Southeast Asia. Deemed as an expert in sustainable food systems, he contributed to the UNESCO Parma Declaration dated 13 September 2019. RACHEL CHAN SUET KAY, PhD., is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies, National University of Malaysia. She specialises in cultural sociology, having written on cultural capital flows between East Asia and the West, and most recently, cultural heritage. She received her PhD in Sociology and MA in Sociology by Research from the University of Malaya; and a BSc (Hons) in Sociology and Diploma in Economics from the University of London. 

Indigeneity And Food (Penerbit UKM)
Indigeneity And Food (Penerbit UKM)
Indigeneity And Food (Penerbit UKM)
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