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1 Inchaway Sacha Inchi Oil (3ml X 85 Sachets) (Original) Halal

1 Inchaway Sacha Inchi Oil (3ml X 85 Sachets) (Original) Halal
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Inchaway Sacha Inchi Oil
Sacha Inchi
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  • Omega Omega 3a- Omega 6
  • OMEGA - 3
  • OMEGA - 6
  • OMEGA - 9
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  • Sacha Inchi oil is consideerd one of the world's best vegetable oil and natural health cosmetics raw materials.
  • Sacha Inchi Oil was awarded the gold medal of excellent organoleptic qualities at the World Edible Oils (WEO) competition in Paris in 2004 and in June 2007, it won the Gold Medal at the AVPA Specialty Foods Commodities Competition.
  • Cold-pressed technology is used to abstract and product the most natural nutrients of Sacha Inchi oil without additive to ensure the 100% purity.
  • Sacha Incha oil is confirmed as an universal consumable food and is appropriate for human consumption.
  • Inchaway having its Sacha Incha oil perform periodical SGS test from various countries, namely, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore. This is to safeguard the company's valued customers' interest and consumer rights whereby a product liability insurance is available to provide assurance.
  • Sacha Inchi oil has very high content in Omega-3 (polyunsaturated fatty acids) which able to improve health issues that arise from imbalanced diet nowadays.
  • As human bodies cannot product or synthesise essential fatty acids by themselves, the essential fatty acids have to ba absorbed through diet, thus Sacha Inchi oil is an excellent natural food for this purpose.
1 Inchaway Sacha Inchi Oil (3ml X 85 Sachets) (Original) Halal
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