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Hybrid Can Vending Machine - MDB protocol - Brand NEW 30 selection-

Hybrid Can Vending Machine - MDB protocol - Brand NEW 30 selection-
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Available for sale is
Brand New Hybrid Japanese 30 selection drink vending machine. This model is a serpentine system, 30 column include 500/600 ml WIDE pet bottle, Hot/Cold vending machine built by the legendary Fuji Japan company. Most popular machine in Japan - the symbol of reliability ,low maintenance and great performance for indoor and outdoor sites. Japanese technology has developed serpentine system since 1970’s and is a highly refined system with simple user friendly operation for the end user and operator alike.

This machine is visually appealing and is site ready. This machine is the best drink vendors in the industry, known for it’s reliability, energy conserving features, elegance, versatility and boast high capacity. Great addition for high traffic, office and factory, outside, inside
any sites. This drink vending machine has no motor and all vends are conducted by new DC vend mechanism. Japanese Fuji 30 selection model features two separate column optional temperature areas, allowing you to keep your drink selection icy cold while allowing the another compartment to serve warm drinks. Perfect for winter modes.

Paired with
Fuji’s well known reliability in the industry and the excellent reliability of the machine. Fuji release this new hybrid machine with MDB/VCCS dual system mean you can pick to use MDB or VCCS protocol.


Type : Beverages Only (Can & Bottle)
Selection : 30 selection 30 button (18 Pet Bottle)

Temperature : Cold
Color : White
Machine Capacity : Slim Cans - 595; Wide Cans - 450; Bottle - 270 (Max. Product Height 280mm)
Size (mm) : 1,181 (W) x 731 (D) x 1830 (H)
Weight : 247kg
Rated Voltage : 220V (50Hz/60Hz)
Annual Power Consumption : 575k.W
Company Warranty : 1 month (Machine Only)
Factory Warranty : 1 years (Money Acceptor)
Exclusive :
- Artwork and Logo
- Coin Changer

- Note Acceptor
- Body Machine Sticker (Optional)


1. Interface encourages willingness to purchase
- Wide panel display promotes the products
- Clean appearance additionally encourages consumer willingness to purchase
2. Diversification of vanded products
- Product diversification enhances the sales channek expansion of vending machine
3. Decrease in vending problems
- Reduction of lost vending opportunities
- Increase in rate of repeat purchase due to improved reliability
4. Equipped with 3-column PET bottle rack
- Improved freedom for vending different type of pproducts.
- Wide PET bottle rack (P1) supports the need for vending large-size products
(Max. product height:228mm)

5. Equipped with new type DC vending mechanism
- Sold-out sensor mounted in the vending mechanism detects product jams.
<When a product jam occurs>
1. Product jam is reduced by the addition of a retry function.
2. For a cash purchase, a reduce or other product selection is also possible.
3. Vending to the next customer from the jammed column is prevented.

6. Energy Savings
- Improved capability of the inventer, compressor control, and insulation
- Equipped with LED lighting, Due to the long service life of the LEDs, lampreplacements, such as for fluorescents, arenot required.
- Equipped with a hybrid heat pump

Machine Inspection is definitely welcomed! Visit us at our showroom.
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