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Honbo Bio Organo (60's) [康堡 灵芝王]

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Honbo Bio Organo – Lets you enjoy the True Nourishment of the “Divine Plant""

Honbo Bio Organo is made using organic Ganoderma cracked spores, high in quality, better in effectiveness, it is perfect health supplement for you.

Benefits of Honbo Organo:
- Retains active compounds for greater effectiveness
Honbo Bio Organo uses organic Ganoderma cracked spore powder, it is purely natural, no other ingredients are added, developed using modern bio-technology to retain Ganoderma's active compounds, giving it greater value in its efficacy.

- More easily absorbed by the body
Honbo Bio Organo uses air pressure superfine crushing technology, solving the problem of traditional milling that leaves the crushed particles to be too large. This allows the active compounds to be absorbed fully by the human body.

- Non-toxic and no side effects
Ganoderma is effective in strengthening the body's natural resistance & removing harmful substances. It eliminates pathogenic substances without harming good cells.Therefore, Ganoderma is non-toxic and has no side effects, and it is widely used,

Vegetarian capsules used Honbo Bio Organo utilizes vegetarian capsule, therefore it is suitable for vegetarians.

Traditionally used for general health.

Organic Ganoderma Lucidum Cracked Spore.

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- 保留有效成份,功效更显著

- 更容易被人体吸收

- 无毒和副作用

- 采用素食胶囊


每次1-2 粒,每日两次。
Honbo Bio Organo (60\'s) [康堡 灵芝王]
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