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Hiruscar Gel 5g for scar removal

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Product Information

Formulation: Gel

Skin Concerns: All Types

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Skin Type: All Types

MEDINOVA - Hiruscar Gel - Effective in Removing All Types of SCARS

Description Restoring Confidence with Effective Scar Care

Formulated by a team of Swiss Dermatologists at Medinova Switze uscar is a hypoallergenic non-greasy gel that lightens、 smoothens and softens scars on both the face and the body. 
With its quick absorption rate、 application is fast、 hassle-free、 and is ideal for all skin types. 
Medinova’s Dermatologists understand that vanishing a scar takes effort on the molecular level、 which is why Hiruscar gives you the power of 6 molecules that work perfectly together to improve and reduce the visibility of scars.The first is the Mucoplysaccharide Polysulphate molecule、 which helps soften existing scars giving a smoothening effect. Next is the Allium Cepa molecule or more commonly known as the Onion、 which has had a essful history of reducing protruding skin. Then there are the molecules from the well-known skin benefiting ingredients of Aloe Vera、 Vitamin E、 Vitamin B3 for improvement and protection of skin texture and finally the A olecule、 a naturally occurring compound that moisturizes.Working together、 the power of these 6 molecules in Hiruscar、 has been proven to show scar improvement in 93% of the test subjects. Scars caused by pimples、 surgery、 burns and a myriad of other types of scars were significantly less visible and skin appeared clearer in just 12 weeks.So why accept being scarred for life? Throw away those concealers、 free up your choice of what to wear and be free to enjoy and be confident of your reflection in the mirror! Regain flawless skin with Hiruscar.
Hiruscar Gel 5g for scar removal
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