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High Quality Silicone Bra (JY Japan brand) nubra

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Product Information

Strapless Silicone Bra ( Cup A, B, C )
How to wear:

NOTE: recommended to pick 1 size smaller if you want push up effect
1) High Quality Strapless and backless stick on silicone bra in natural nude skin color
2) Self-adhesive and self-supportive design
3) Soft, natural, seamless and invisible
4) Front closure for cleavage and bust enhancement effect, makes you look fuller and sexier in any gown or dress
5) Material: High quality silicone gel
6) Washable and reusable
7) Skin friendly
8) Choose the cup size based on the actual bra size that you are wearing. To check the best size fit, please refer to the following size chart
9) Color : Nude
10) Size : A/B/C (For D cup, recommended to take Cup C for better fit)
How to use the item ?
1) Clean your skin with soap and water to remove body oil and residue from skin, dry your skin with a soft towel.
2) Flip the cup outward while holding the bra cup by the edge with both hands, position the cup
to your desired breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to the breast with your fingertips.
3) Connect the front closure.

How to Prolong usage?
1) Ensure that you wash breasts with soap and water and dry thoroughly before each wear
2) After usage sprinkle water on the back of ach cup and cover back ith the plastic given.
(Ensure the above are done after every usage to prolong the stickiness)
How to clean ?
1) While holding one bra cup in the palm of your hand, wet the adhesive surface with warm
water and a little drop of mild soap. Gently use the palm of your other hand to create a circular motion to clean. Do not use your fingernails or any sharp objects to avoid scratch or tear on the adhesive face.
2) Rinse the bra cup with warm water to remove all soap residues. Shake off all excess water and place into the original tray to air dry.

Cautions :
1) Do not place the adhesive side against clothing, as the lint will gradually clog the adhesive. If something does get onto the adhesive, carefully pick them up with your fingers. Try to avoid the clothing that sheds fibers easily.
2) Do not use brush, fingernails or any sharp object to clean the surface. This will cause permanent damage to the adhesive face.
3) Do not clean with alcohol, bleach or any cleaning solutions. All you need is warm water and mild soap.
4) Do not try to remove the adhesive.
5) Not recommended for woman with sensitive skin. Do not use on open cuts, skin disorders, sun damaged or sun burned skin. Do not wear if you have skin de-pigmentation problems, or have a family history of skin de-pigmentation.
6) Silicone Bra should not be wore for more than six hours at a time. Stop wearing if signs of irritation or rash appear. If irritation continues, please consult doctor.

What will you get ?
1 unit of JY Japanese brand Strapless Silicone Bra FreeBra based on chosen size in Nude color
High Quality Silicone Bra (JY Japan brand) nubra
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