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HERA Aqua Cooling CC Cream SPF50+/PA+++ (60ml)

HERA Aqua Cooling CC Cream SPF50+/PA+++ (60ml)
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Product Information

HERA Aqua Cooling CC Cream SPF50+/PA+++

HERA Aqua Cooling CC Cream SPF50+/PA+++
#1 Fresh Beige / #2 Healthy Beige

Spray-type multi-CC that is lightly and transparently absorbed for an ultra cooling and refreshing at -8.6 degree the moment it is applied

1. Carbonated water invigorates, refreshes, and vitalizes the skin while also improving its suppleness for a softer and healthier skin.

2. The CC cream contains 57% of skin conditioning components for long lasting moisture

3. The mint cooling power actively cools and refreshes the skin the moment it is applied. Also tightens the pores that immediately turns the skin texture smooth and enhances the makeup effect.

4. The sebum freeze fresh powder takes care of sebum as if freezing it for a long-lasting oil-free skin. And also helps to keep the makeup last long.

5. Anti Wrinkle and whitening product that protects the skin from UV rays.

Capacity: 60ml

Color: no.1 - fresh beige, no.2 - healthy beige


1. It protects the skin from UV rays (SPF50+ and PA+++)

2. Whitens the skin

3. Minimizes wrinkles

[How to use]

Put a dab and evenly apply on the face.

Hera 水潤冰感CC霜60ML Aqua Cooling CC SPF 50+/PA+++

多用途CC Cream 在 -8.6 度的冷卻和清爽的效果下明顯地和輕巧地吸收

1. 泡泡碳酸水改善皮膚狀況

Carbonated water (蘇打水) 活化肌膚,恢復肌膚元氣,為肌膚注入活力,同時可以改善肌膚,令肌膚更柔軟和健康。此外,在夏季肌膚容易變得暗沉, 它能為肌膚恢復活力。該CC cream含有皮膚調理成分,57%為肌膚長期持久滋潤 。

2. 薄荷冷凍功效令妝溶更佳效果

薄荷冷凍功效(The mint cooling power) 積極地冷卻和清爽肌膚。它不僅有助於隱藏在夏季的眼睛和臉頰下的腫


3. 皮脂冷卻清爽粉未 (Sebum Freeze Fresh Powder) 令妝容持久保持

皮脂冷卻清爽粉未(Sebum Freeze Fresh Powder) 呵護著已凍卻了一段很長時間而沒有油份的皮膚。它使皮膚清爽


HERA Aqua Cooling CC SPF50+/PA+++ 是一款抗皺和美白產品,更能保護免受紫外線侵害皮膚。


1,它可以防止紫外線對皮膚(SPF50+和PA + + +)





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