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Healthy bacteria Box Gift Set 3

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TS6-健康有益菌30入/盒X3盒 特惠組

■ Size: 2g / bag, 30 bags / box X3 ■ ingredients: lactose, skimmed milk powder, FOS, powdered sugar, gum arabic, soy protein isolate, anhydrous citric acid (flavoring agent), orange spices, probiotics: Lactobacillus acidophilus (A strain) Lactobacillus acidophilus + Bifidobacterium longum (B strain) Bifidobacterium longum ■ can improve gastrointestinal function, quality assurance, and to promote environmental protection in vivo, so that defecation, help digestion, promote metabolism, etc. ■ Usage: Each three times a day, each time a packet ■ Storage: Please placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid heat and direct sunlight. ■ Shelf life: 1 year ■ Note: 1 body from the gut environmental beginning, the product of the daily care of the healthy foods, please follow the recommendations consumption using comments please consult your physician or dietitian 2.-related food FDA of 3 A balanced diet and proper exercise based on the health of 4 This product contains lactose, lactose intolerance, please consult your physician or dietitian opinions about the food the FDA of 5 This product is to maintain the original flavor and Viable number, do not do secondary processing, causing the particle sizes formulations, taste or differences ■ Production: Taiwan

■規格:2g/包,30包/盒X3 ■成分:乳糖、脫脂奶粉、果寡糖、糖粉、阿拉伯膠、大豆分離蛋白、無水檸檬酸(調味劑)、橘子香料、益生菌:Lactobacillus acidophilus(A菌)嗜酸乳桿菌+ Bifidobacterium longum(B菌)長雙歧桿菌 ■可改善胃腸功能,品質有保證,並能促進體內環保、使排便順暢、幫助消化、促進新陳代謝等 ■食用方法:每日三次,每次一包 ■保存方式:請置於陰涼乾燥通風處,避免高溫及日光直接照射。 ■保存期限:1年 ■注意事項: 1.體內環保從腸道開始,本產品為日常保健之健康食品,請遵照建議食用量使用 2.請洽詢醫師或營養師有關食用本品之意見 3.均衡的飲食及適當的運動為身體健康之基礎 4.本產品含有乳糖,乳糖不耐症者請洽詢醫師或營養師有關食用本品之意見 5.本產品為保持原有風味及活菌數,不做二次加工,致劑型顆粒大小不一,口感或有差異 ■生 產 地:台灣 ■保存期限:1年
Healthy bacteria Box Gift Set 3
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