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Health Paradise Natural Brewer Yeast, 250g

Health Paradise Natural Brewer Yeast, 250g
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1 x Health Paradise Natural Brewer Yeast, 250g

Brewers' yeast has been used traditionally for centuries for the purpose of brewing beer and some winemaking. But although the product has been used for centuries, many are not aware of the remarkable health benefits imparted by brewers' yeast, which have earned it the suitable moniker of 'nature's wonder food',

Many people in the health community or those seeking a healthier diet with an abundance of nutritional element are turning to brewers' yeast as a daily addition. Because it is also low in fat, sodium, calories, and carbohydrates, it is also beneficial for those with diabetes and hypoglycemics.

Brewers' yeast is a natural source of Vitamin B complex and highly concentrated amounts of protein, as well as a wonderful spectrum of other healthy vitamins and minerals.

Brewers' yeast is usually recovered as a by-product of the brewing process, absorbing the chemicals, vitamins and nutrients from the other ingredients utilized in brewing beer, mainly grain, malt and hops. The resulting product, though quite healthy, is usually quite bitter. Many brands of brewers' yeast are labeled as debittered, but this process, which makes the yeast more flavorful, can also serve to remove some of the nutritional content.

A high nucleic acid count, a valuable commodity in regards to cell development, is present in brewers' yeast, as well as ample amounts of folic acid, potassium, thiamin, niacin, chromium (needed for the body to produce insulin), and much more.

The simplest way to add brewers' yeast to your daily diet is to add a tablespoon to fruit juice and drink it, but it can also be added to meals such as meat loaf, salads, casseroles, cereal, soup, and other foods. If possible, add the yeast at the end of the cooking process, or the vitamin B complex will be destroyed.

Consumption of brewers' yeast is also attributed to several health benefits, such as reduced stress, better metabolism. It can also help provide restful slumber and ease fatigue.

Brewers yeast can usually be found in health food and nutrition stores in both pure form and debittered, though remember, the debittered yeast will not have all the valuable vitamins and nutrients of pure brewers' yeast, and will most likely be absent of chromium. 

Health Paradise Natural Brewer Yeast, 250g
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