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Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge

Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
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Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
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Product Information

About this product:

  • Take the classic Jenga game "off the table"
  • Remove a block while holding platform handle
  • Stay steady and hand the tower off after each turn
  • Game features 10 fun challenges
  • Includes 27 hardwood Jenga blocks with resealable plastic storage bag, passing platform, stacking stand, and instructions.
  • 2 and more players, ages 8+

Take the classic Jenga game ""off the table"" with the Jenga Pass Challenge game. Stack Jenga wooden blocks on the platform to build the tower then remove one block at a time while holding one of the platform handles. It takes a steady hand when removing the blocks and passing the platform to opponents…be carefull or the Jenga tower will come crashing down! Be the last player to successfully stack a block and pass the platform without causing the tower to crash. The platform has two handles and comes with a stabilizing stand. Enhance gameplay and try all 10 challenges included in the game guide, such as Blind Block, Chopstick Challenge, and Flamingo Fumble.
Stack and Pass
It's a different way to play your favorite game! Can you handle the challenge? It's similar to other Jenga games but this edition features a platform with 2 handles and a stabilizing stand. Players stack the tower on the platform to start and then lift it up to begin the game! Players must remove one block at a time and stack the tower. Once a block is stacked, that player then must pass the entire platform to the next player without letting the tower crash. The last player to successfully stack a block and pass the platform without causing the tower to crash wins the game.
Who's Up for a Challenge?
Who is the real Jenga Pass master? The game guide includes additional challenges so players can show off their stacking, pulling, and passing skills. Try the Flamingo Fumble and pass the stack under one leg, or the Blind Block and pull the blocks without looking. Players can challenge opponents with the Sock Shock and pull the blocks wearing socks on their hands, or play with their arms outstretched in the Zombie Stack challenge. Try all 10 challenges, or make up original ones.
Be a Pass Challenge Champion
The suspense builds as the tower gets higher and higher but that's just the beginning of the excitement. Players have to have a steady hand as they hold the platform while pulling out the blocks. Phew! That went smoothly but now it's time to hand the tower to the next player. Hold on to the handle of the platform while passing it along, but don't get hasty! It won't be counted as a successful turn until the handoff is complete and the other player is the only one with hands on the handle. Who will be the true Jenga Pass Challenge champ?

What others say about this product?
“This is a fun new take on the original Jenga game. Instead of just sitting still you have to move the game over to the next player. It’s both more challenging and more frustrating than the original Jenga as the tower falls more often during this version of the game from what we have experienced. There are also suggestions for playing with added challenges (like playing with socks on your hands). If you’ve come to find the original version of Jenga a bit boring this will breathe new life into the game. My teens have been having a blast with it with their friends and it takes something special to keep them entertained without electronics involved.”
“This game is so much fun. It's a great twist to an already fun game. We've had so much fun playing this game.”
“LOVE this version of the game. It adds an extra element of fun and challenge as you have to pass the tower to one another after you’ve moved your piece. It engages your whole body. But for those who despise putting the tower together, you might want to steer clear bc there will be a lot more tower falling over, and generally it’s the whole tower, not just part of it. Luckily, it’s not quite as tall as an entire jenga tower as in the classic game. My kids like it as the fun part is watching it collapse.”

Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
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