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Haenim Valve 2pcs/pack

Haenim Valve 2pcs/pack
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  • Haenim Silicone valve
  • For 7A breast pump
  • For 7S breast pump
  • One pair (2pcs)
  • Easy to wash and sterilize
  • Not recommend to wash with boiling water.
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Size (length*width*height): 5cm x 5cm x 5cm

What's in the box:

- Haenim Valve 2pcs/pack

Breast pump valves should be replaced on a regular basis. If youve noticed a loss in suction on your breast pump, or a decrease in milk output, the first thing you should check are the valves. How often should you replace breast pump valves? It depends on how often you pump; keep reading to learn more.

Why its so important to replace breast pump valves

Your breast pump valves (and backflow protector membranes) are made of a flexible silicone material which stretches and releases each time your breast pump sucks in. This creates the suction you feel on your breast which draws breastmilk out. After a while of regular use, the elasticity of these parts wear down. Think of it like a rubber band: after a while, they lose their ability to stretch and snap back into place. The same thing is happening with your breast pump valve; the pump motor pulls at the valve and releases it on each cycle. When the valve wears down, it makes your breast pump less efficient because the motor has to work harder to achieve the same amount of suction with a slack, used valve than it does with a brand new, tight valve.

How do I know when to replace breast pump valves?

Pay attention to things like a decrease in suction, or a decrease in pumped milk output. If youve noticed youre getting less milk than before or if youre feeling like your pump isnt as strong as it used to be, a good first thing to check are the valves (especially if its been a couple months since theyve been replaced). If theres a tear in your valve, its time to replace it.

How often should you replace breast pump valves?

How often you should replace breast pump valves depends on how frequently you pump and what settings you use. Its a bit of a range which varies from woman to woman. Well give a range for daily expressing (1 time per day or less during the week) and frequent expressing (2 or more times per day). You should pay close attention to how your pump is performing within these ranges.

Duckbill valves (1-3 months)

Once daily expressing or less:

Frequent expressing:

Valve membranes (2-8 weeks)

The valve membranes tend to not last quite as long as the duckbill valves. There is less material in these (which means less waste!) so they wear out more quickly. Youll want to have plenty of extras on-hand.

Haenim Valve 2pcs/pack
Haenim Valve 2pcs/pack
Haenim Valve 2pcs/pack
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