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Greencass Enterprise

Welcome to Greencass, your perfect shop for the first choice of premium beverages.

Greencass by Uniworco was formed in 2016.  Uniworco Enterprise being the parent company is promoting edible garden for every household through organic gardening and home farming.  We grow our fresh produces using our special formulated organic planting soil, our environmental friendly fertilzers and plant care products to protect the environment.

Greencass produces unique premium tea sachets from pure fruit tea leaves and pure western herbs leaves.  Our fruit trees and western herbs are grown locally without the use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. 

Greencass premium tea are pure, original, strictly no artificial flavour, no artificial colouring and  no preservatives.  We maintain the nutrient of every leaf by specially air dried the tea leaves.

We might feel stressful and tired due to our hectic daily work schedules, hence it would be great to relax and enjoy a cup of our Greencass premium tea sachet or Greencass pure tea leaves that helps to recover your energy.  When you drink Greencass premium tea sachets or Greencass pure tea leaves, you are not only enjoying a cup of natural tea with rich aroma from our pure tea leaves, this special fruit tea leaves of ours have many health benefits which is good for your mind and body.

We are aware that many of us here are too occupied with our daily activities and do not have our spare time to grow our own fresh produces.  Therefore, Greencass has come out with a solution by producing our unique premium tea sachets or pure tea leaves so that everyone can have a pleasure to enjoy a cup of our Greencass premium tea at any time in any place at your convenience. 

Our objective is to increase food quality and promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone.  Health is valuable to all of us, therefore, is important that we consume healthy clean food that benefits our health before we fall sick as prevention is always better than curing.

Place order now to enjoy Greencass premium tea sachets or Greencass pure tea leaves !!!



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