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I Got The Munchies

I Got The Munchies
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Baby Cake
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Product Information

<p><strong>Baby Diaper Cake - I got the Munchies</strong></p>

<p>Age Group: 0+</p>

<p>Toy DHA:</p>


<p>* Wouldn&#39;t you like to give a gift that would be the highlight of the baby shower? A present that is original, practical, and guaranteed not to be duplicated? A gift that will never be forgotten? A special creation designed especially for both... baby and mom-to-be! &nbsp;</p>

<p>* Our diaper cakes are tiered creations and resemble actual cakes. They are made up of premium diapers as the foundation and are filled with all of the essentials a newborn baby would need. EVERYTHING IS USEABLE! Each tier of every diaper cake is wrapped in a blanket and/or hooded towel for the precious little one. Each diaper cake will contain a stuffed animal or toy as a cake topper! This will make a perfect baby shower d&eacute;cor or a baby shower centerpiece.</p>

<p>&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>

<p>* Ingredients:&nbsp;</p>

<p>* Mamypoko S size diapers (20 pieces)</p>

<p>* Mothercare sleeveless romper</p>

<p>* Growin&rsquo; Up &quot;I&#39;ve Got the Munchies&quot; bib terry with teether</p>

<p>* Bumble Bee receiving blanket &nbsp;BLK11 polka design</p>

<p>* Coloria vibrating toy with laughing sound (lion)</p>

<p>* Ribbons + embellishments</p>

<p>* Delivered in thick carton box</p>


<p>Sex: Baby Girl</p>

<p>Size: 1 tiers 11&quot; height, 9&rdquo; Cake</p>

<p>Weight: 1.7 kg</p>

<p><img alt="Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - I got the Munchies 1" src="images/stories/product_image/Baby_Gift/Baby_Cake/2_tiers_I_got_the_Munchies/Baby-Gift-Cake-2-tiers-I-got-the-Munchies_01.jpg" /></p>


<p><img alt="Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - I got the Munchies 2" src="images/stories/product_image/Baby_Gift/Baby_Cake/2_tiers_I_got_the_Munchies/Baby-Gift-Cake-2-tiers-I-got-the-Munchies_06.jpg" /></p>


<p><img alt="Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - I got the Munchies 3" src="images/stories/product_image/Baby_Gift/Baby_Cake/2_tiers_I_got_the_Munchies/Baby-Gift-Cake-2-tiers-I-got-the-Munchies_02.jpg" /></p>


<p><img alt="Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - I got the Munchies 4" src="images/stories/product_image/Baby_Gift/Baby_Cake/2_tiers_I_got_the_Munchies/Baby-Gift-Cake-2-tiers-I-got-the-Munchies_03.jpg" /></p>


<p><img alt="Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - I got the Munchies 5" src="images/stories/product_image/Baby_Gift/Baby_Cake/2_tiers_I_got_the_Munchies/Baby-Gift-Cake-2-tiers-I-got-the-Munchies_04.jpg" /></p>


<p><img alt="Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - I got the Munchies 6" src="images/stories/product_image/Baby_Gift/Baby_Cake/2_tiers_I_got_the_Munchies/Baby-Gift-Cake-2-tiers-I-got-the-Munchies_05.jpg" /></p>
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