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Free delivery 2 pack Merries Baby Premium Pant Diapers M Size 33pcs ( total 66 pcs)

Free delivery 2 pack Merries Baby Premium Pant Diapers M Size 33pcs ( total 66 pcs)
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Product Information

Has this happened recently?

  • Baby is so active that the tape needs to be refastened constantly
  • Baby looks uncomfortable when the tape is properly fastened

Babies who have begun to wriggle, roll or crawl

  • Pants diapers fit perfectly around the tummy without a need for adjustment!
    The flexi-fit allows baby to move about freely.

Once baby starts moving around actively and starts to dislike lying down for diaper changes, it's time to switch to pants diapers! Merries M size Pants diapers can be used for babies weighing 6 kg and above. Pants diapers can be changed while baby is standing, making diaper change a breeze even when you're outdoors.

Diaper sizes vary according to the baby's weight. The weight indicators given below are for references only.
However, even if the weight matches, you may need to choose a smaller or larger diaper size, depending on your baby's height, waist and thigh measurements.
The frequency and amount of pee also vary with different babies, so choose the appropriate size for your baby after careful consideration of all factors.

M size ( 33pcs per pack) – 6 to 10kg

L size ( 27pcs per pack) – 9 to 14kg

XL size ( 24pcs per pack) – 12 to 22kg


Kao Merries, Japan’s No.1 selling diaper for last 10 years. Gentle on the skin and trusted by Japanese parents for their exceptional breathability and superb absorbency since 1983.To provide greater comfort to babies, Kao has incorporated the world’s first-of-its-kind breathable sheet to Merries diapers.It also prevents humidity from building up, making the diaper gentle on a baby’s skin. This will reduce the chances of diaper rash developing. At Kao, every diaper is treated as an integral part of "clothing", and waist gathers was developed to fit a baby's special anatomy perfectly. Kao has received the Good Design Award organised by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation Foundation. This item was import from Japan for Malaysia parent who is care for baby comforty.

Comfortable 24 hours a day and exceptional breathability makes Merries a joy to wear !

  • Superb Absorbency

Its unique super absorbent core has a slit in the middle that instantly draws in and locks away pee, keeping the bottom dry while preventing leakage.

  • Flexi-fit "W" Shape

Merries is so soft, it transforms into a flexi"w" shape at the crotch area to accommodate baby's limb movement.

  • Soft Around The Waist, Comfortale Around the Thighs.

Never too tight at the waist or thighs, baby can move around comfortably without red marks.

  • Gathers To Fit Snugly

The gathers hold the diaper in place of the waist, so it does not slip, no matter how active is your baby!

  • Release Heat and Moisture

The unique design allows air to flow freely between diaper and the skin, baby can enjoy dryness and comfort 24 hours a day!

Three small diagonal cuts are made to the exterior diaper surface in the crotch area to improve the diaper fit at the crotch. Leakage will not occur as a result of these cuts.

※These cuts do not affect the quality of the diaper.

When the strips change colour to dark green, it is time to change the diaper.

※Please note that the colour may change from shades of yellow to green on the strips of unused diapers under hot and humid conditions. However, this does not affect the quality of the diaper.

The diapers come in six different designs, with one design in each pack

Free delivery 2 pack Merries Baby Premium Pant Diapers M Size 33pcs ( total 66 pcs)
Free delivery 2 pack Merries Baby Premium Pant Diapers M Size 33pcs ( total 66 pcs)
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