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Food Dehydrator Dry Food/Fruits/Vegetables/Meats

Food Dehydrator Dry Food/Fruits/Vegetables/Meats
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Product Information

Product details of Food Dehydrator Dry Food/Fruits/Vegetables/Meats

Food Dehydrator
For those interested in healthy living and reducing waste, a food dehydrator is an essential appliance to have in your kitchen. The dried results can be used to make tasty wraps, rolls, or just be eaten on their own. If you store the dried results in an airtight container, a dehydrator will allow you to stop food from spoiling for years, maybe even decades! And yet a dehydrator is about much more than just preserving food. It will also turn food into sweet and tasty snacks that adults, children, and even pets enjoy.


What Can I Make with a Food Dehydrator?
There are a wide variety of different things you can do with a food dehydrator. You buy overripe bananas cheaply from a shop, and turn them into banana chips. The results taste great and are actually sweeter than normal bananas. They are ideal for adding to a child’s lunchbox as a treat, or to a fruit smoothie, or to a bowl of cereal. You might even give them to your friends as gifts!

Preserve Food Without Preservatives !
One of the features of preserving food by dehydration is that you don’t need to add sugar or other preservatives, like you do with jams, jellies, syrups, or pickles. You also don’t lose the nutrients and vitamins that can be lost with other preserving methods.

Control Over What Is Added By Yourself !
Commercially-dried food normally include things like sulfite preservatives, which are great for extending its shelf life, but not necessarily great for your health. A food dehydrator gives you complete control over what is added. You can choose what seasonings you add (if you add any at all), and whether to peel or not to peel.



Specifications of Food Dehydrator Dry Food/Fruits/Vegetables/Meats

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Food Dehydrator Home made Dry Food/Fruits/Vegetables/Meats
General Features:
Model Food Dehydrator
Size (L x W x H) 26 x 32 x 32
Weight 3.2
Warranty Period 2 Weeks
Warranty Type Local Manufacturer Warranty
Food Dehydrator Dry Food/Fruits/Vegetables/Meats
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