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Eye Glow Cat Tear Stain 30g

Eye Glow Cat Tear Stain 30g
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Cat Tear Stain 30g
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  • Improve tear stain problem.
  • Natural Active Ingredients
  • Helps with unsightly tear stains from the inside out.
  • Helps Support Immune System
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Product Information

What's in the box:

1x Eye Glow Cat Tear Stain 30g

Eye Glow Cat Tear Stain 30g

Ingredients: Pure Anchovy Fish Powder ,Pure Chicken Powder ,Norwegian Kelp ,Enzymes, Natural Protease , Amylas, Cellulose, Beta-D-galactosadase galacohydrolase,Lactose, Lipolytic Lipase,Probiotic.

Eye Glow Cat Tear stain can form on cats if excessive amounts of bacteria and yeast accumulate on hair/fur around the eye area. Topical options such as wipes can help cleanse the hair/fur under the eyes, but this is only a temporary solution. This means tears can continue to develop. The best way to reduce the look of tear stains is to use a natural supplement that can address problematic factors from within, so that the eye area looks cleansed on the outside.

The formations of tear stains are most visible on cat with light colored hair/fur and highly affect Although tear stains are not detrimental, they can be unsightly looking in appearance because they make hair/fur look clumpy and discolored. For many pet owners, this can be infuriating, especially if your pet is regularly groomed. By grooming your cat, it will not prevent the formation of tear stains. The best way to reduce the look of tear stains is to have your cat consume a natural supplement, such as one of the products listed above. Supplement products are promoted to work from within the pet to offer visible lasting results. Supplements are marketed to address factors that promote the formation of tear stains. In a matter of weeks, the hair/fur underneath your pets eyes will grow and appear to remain stain free. Simply trimming your pets hair/fur as it grows is all that is required from the pet owner, if their pet takes a supplement option.


Spinkle "Eye Glows" DAILY on regular food for 2 months. (For maintenance ,repeat when neccessary)

Dosage :

Cat 1kg-4.9kg :1/4 teaspoon daily

Cat 5kg-9.9kg :1/2 teaspoon daily

Cat 10kg onwards : 1 teaspoon daily

Eye Glow Cat Tear Stain 30g
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