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EVA Foam Frisbee or Flying Disk/Disc Cool (Diameter = 27cm)

EVA Foam Frisbee or Flying Disk/Disc Cool (Diameter = 27cm)
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  • Made by soft and comfortable EVA Foam - Safe for Children
  • Easy to throw and catch
  • Get your kids outdoor or indoor with some PHYSICAL activities instead of playing video games
  • Great toys that able to bring family or friends together for some creative physical activities

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Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 27cm x 27cm x 3cm

What's in the box:

  • 1 x 27cm Diameter Frisbee (Green-Fish)

Frisbeealso known as a flying disc is a disc-shaped gliding toy or sporting item that is generally made by plastic. The shape of the disc, an airfoil in cross-section, allows it to fly by generating lift as it moves through the air while spinning.

We are proud to introduce here aMalaysian made Frisbee! The key differentiation compared to conventional Frisbee is that it is made bysoft EVA Foaminstead ofhard plasticmaterial. The soft EVA Foam Frisbee issafe to play among the children.

Frisbeeis perfect toy that able to pull the family together to have funphysical activitiesinstead playing mobile phone/tablet apps at home only! It is a great toy for the backyard, the park, picnics, the beach and re-live your childhood!

EVA Foam Frisbeecome in two sizes:

  • Diameter = 23 cm and Weight = 115 grams
    • Optimum weight and dimension to play by children 5 years old and above
  • Diameter = 27 cm and Weight = 150 grams
    • Optimum weight and dimension for long distance games
    • Suitable for teenagers and team building games



Frisbee Throws Techniques

Frisbeecan thrown in many ways. Each throw involves snapping thewristas well as flicking thearmto impart gyroscopic stability to the dics and accelerate its mass to a certain velocity.

Without spin, a disc will wobble and fall. Without velocity,the disc will not go anywhere. Using these two guidelines, any number of throws are possible. Most discs are designed to create lift when thrown with the flat side up

Thethree most used throwsin Frisbee are the backhand, forehand and hammer throw. Know the and practice them for the are the most useful throws in a competitive environments.

  • Backhand
It is the most generic and natural way to throw a disc. Userd for short, medium, and long-range passing
  • Forehand (Flick)
A flick is easy, but takes some practice and commitment. This is the most efficient thrown because it uses the least amount of energy and can be thrown in milliseconds. Good for short, medium, and long range.
  • Hammer Throw
Very useful when the time is right. the hammer throw can be lofted over the defense and landed directly onto the intended teammate. It is also good when someone is marking you hard and nearing the end of the staff count. You can easily throw is over the marker if need be. Good for all ranges but works best at medium-range.

EVA Foam Frisbee or Flying Disk/Disc Cool (Diameter = 27cm)
EVA Foam Frisbee or Flying Disk/Disc Cool (Diameter = 27cm)
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