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Europe Style Glass Teapot 600ml

Europe Style Glass Teapot 600ml
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  [Material] Borosilicate green glass [Capacity] 600ML [Temperature support difference] -20 ℃ to 150 ℃, the expansion coefficient of 3.3 [Processing] Pure hand and blown [Temperature difference] -20 ℃ to 150 ℃ (frozen 24 hours after the installation of boiling water is also completely safe and secure, for the modern life to create safe and convenient) [Product quality] Excellent quality (using High-borosilicate green glass, non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution to food), green food hygiene inspection. [Features] Transparency is very high, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean, health and hygiene, which is characterized by small expansion coefficient, 0-200 degrees in the temperature mutation, easy to burst; acid and alkali resistant to water, corrosion and so on! [Processing technology] Pure artificial blowing glassware, Individual pull pattern, the bubble is a normal process phenomenon.   【产品名称】手工耐热玻璃三件式花茶壶 【材       质】高硼硅绿色环保玻璃 【容       量】600ML 【瞬间温差】-20℃至150℃,膨胀系数3.3 【加工工艺】纯手工吹制 【产品材质】高硼硅绿色环保玻璃 【膨胀系数】3.3 【瞬间温差】-20℃至150℃(冰冻24小时后装沸水也完全安全放心,为现代生活打造安全便利) 【产品质量】材质优良(采用高硼硅绿色环保玻璃制造,无毒无味,对食物无任何污染)、绿色食品卫生法检验通过。 【产品特点】透明度极高、耐磨损、表面光滑、清洗容易、健康卫生,其特点是膨胀系数小,在0-200度的温度突变下,不易炸裂;耐酸耐碱耐水,抗腐蚀等! 【加工工艺】纯人工吹制玻璃器皿,个别拉纹、气泡属于正常工艺现象。
Europe Style Glass Teapot 600ml
Europe Style Glass Teapot 600ml
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