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Eternité Nu : It has been found that this extract is beneficial in skin care. Olive Leaf Extract has a unique ability to heal wounds and scars in the skin. Because it contains flavonoids and oleanolicsyre to stimulate cells in the connective tissue - and thus improves the condition of the skin.

Eternité Nu : One of the magical ingredient " Glutathione"

> MASTER Anti-oxidant in each Cell
> MASTER Anti-inflammatory in each Cell
> MASTER Detoxifier inside each Cell
> Primary Detoxifier of Heavy Metals
> Chelator - 50% as effective as oral chelation in getting rid of Mercury
> It transforms Hemoglobin into its reduced state, enabling it to accept oxygen and carry it to the Cell
> Majoy Protector of the Mitochondrial DNA (Power House of the Cell)
> Major Protector of the nucleus of the Cell and the DNA of the Cell
> Major Protector of the Immune Cell and the Immune System
> Cardiovascular System Enhancer
> Only Antioxidant that can recycle itself
> First line of protection against environmental chemicals and toxins

Eternité Nu : Maqui berry has been deemed a superfruit due to its high content of potent antioxidants. It demonstrates many potential benefits, including improved inflammation, “bad” LDL cholesterol levels and blood sugar control. Some research suggests that it may also have anti-aging effects and promote gut and eye health.
1. Loaded With Antioxidants.
2. Help Fight Inflammation.
3. Protect Against Heart Disease.
4. Aid Blood Sugar Control.
5. Support Eye Health.
6. Promote a Healthy Gut.
7. Anticancer effects.
8. Anti-aging effects.
9. Dry eye relief.

Eternité Nu : Benefits of Pomegranate - The divine fruit !
1. Protects us from free radicals
2. It thins your blood
3. Prevention of atherosclerosis
4. It acts like an oxygen mask
5. It prevents arthritis
6. Fights erectile dysfunction
7. Fights heart disease and prostate cancer
8. Pomegranate is loaded with beneficial nutrients
9. It improves memory
10. It lowers blood pressure
11. Helps in digestion
12. Boosts immunity
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