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Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream 150g

Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream 150g
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1 x Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream 150g

Item: Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream 150g

Adult Needs. Adult Care.
Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream

Our parents lovingly cared for us when we were small and will continue to care even when we become parents ourselves. When they are faced with the emotional and physical effects of incontinence we want to give them our best care.

Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream unlike baby creams, is specially formulated for adults to soothe, care and protect their skin from itchiness and discomfort due to constant exposure to body sweat and excretions and also extended use of adult diapers. It contains zinc oxide, tea tree oil, calendula officinalis and dimethicone to provide effective four-way relief:

• Provides Breathable Barrier For The Skin
• Provides Comfort 
• Masks Unpleasant Odour
• Encourage Healing

With Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream, you can give your loved ones the right solution. Isn’t it comforting to know that at Esentiel, adult care remedies are our specialty.

Formulated for Adults
Zinc Oxide works by forming a barrier on the skin to protect it from irritants and moisture
Tea Tree Oil is well-recognised for its antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral action
Calendula Officinalis known as pot marigold, it has anti viral and anti-inflammatory properties
Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride used for its antibacterial properties
Dimethicone an emollient that soften and moisturize the skin

Adult Care. Adult Needs
Caring for aging adults can be emotionally and physically challenging to the caregiver. It requires a lot of hard work, kindness, patience and understanding.

As aging adults suffer from various illnesses, it would mean extra responsibility to the caregiver, whether from the children themselves or senior homes. That is why the little things that we do for them to ensure that they are well cared for will go a long way to make them feel comforted and loved.

Adult Diaper Rash
Skin problems like rashes and redness that result from lack of movement, bladder weakness and prolonged adult diapers wear can be a daily challenge.

Unlike baby diapers, adult diapers are less frequently changed. However, the prolonged waiting when diaper is soiled & wet means more exposure to urine & faeces. Bacteria can get in easily and skin will be more prone to infection.

When skin is broken, angry and red, patients will feel uncomfortable and irritable. Therefore, preventing diaper rash is the best way to give comfort to the patient.

Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream is specifically made with adults needs in mind to soothe, care and protect the skin from irritations and discomfort due to constant exposure to body sweat and excretions and also extended use of adult diapers. The skin will then be less prone to infection.

Rash Prone Areas

Effective for:
• Adult diaper users 
• Adults with incontinence problems
• Preventive care for obese patients (near the groin/thigh area ) 
• Preventive care for women to manage sweat rashes near the groin/thigh area during menstruation

Easy to use:
• Clean the affected area. Keep it dry and clean
• Change the adult diapers often (when soiled instead of just wet)
• Apply cream liberally to the affected area before, during changing time and as often as necessary

Esentiel Adult Diaper Rash Cream 150g
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