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Erom Seaweed Cal [Organic Seaweed Calcium (Ca+)](2.5g x 90 sticks)

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Product Information
  • FREE of artificial color
  • Halal certification from Islam center
  • Healthy functional product
  • Made in Korean

Erom Calcium is the vegetable property seaweed calcium that has excellent absorption rate.

- It has honeycomb-shaped porous structure which easily solves in the stomach and become ionized.

- Added Gamma PGA (extracted from Natta): Absorption rate is increased by 63%.
- Not onlycalcium, but also contain of Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin D3 and other natural minerals.

Erom Calcium is the vegetable property seaweed calcium that is reliable and very safe.

- FREE of artificial color, artificial flavors, preservative, trans-fat, gluten, yeast and salt.
- Halal certification from Islam center, so it is best calcium product suitable for vegetarians.
- Erom Calcium is a healthy functional product that made from GMP certified manufacturing facility.


AQUACAL (Seaweed Powder), Galacto- Oligosaccharide (Lactose), Fructo-Oligosaccharide (Sucrose), Xylitol, Magnesim Oxide, Glycine Max Extract (from Natto), Silicon Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D3.

Serving Suggestion

3 sticks per day, take one stick after each meal.

Recommended To

1. Children and teenager

- Who are going through growth period

2. Pregnant women

- Also very nutritious for those who breast-feed

3. Middle aged women

- Who's bone density is gradually decreasing

4. Stressed

- For people who needs quality calcium due to excessive stress

5. Osteoporosis

- For people who suffer from osteoporosis

Safe and Trustworthy

  • Certified Organic Calcium by EU Food & Drug Association(EU2092/91)

  • ISO9002 Certification

  • Kosher Certification

  • U.S.FDA GRAS : Substances Generally Recognized as Safe

Erom Seaweed Cal [Organic Seaweed Calcium (Ca+)](2.5g x 90 sticks)
Erom Seaweed Cal [Organic Seaweed Calcium (Ca+)](2.5g x 90 sticks)
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