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Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit + 4's Saline Mixture ( Sinus )

Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit + 4\'s Saline Mixture ( Sinus )
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Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit + 4's Saline Mixture ( Sinus )
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Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit + 4's Saline Mixture


Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit is suitable for adults and chrildren 3 years of age and over (for children between 3 and 12 years of age under supervision of an adult ). Emser Mineral Saline Mixture can be used indefinitely, provided the solution us used as instructed. Use up to three times daily, using a solution.

Do not use unfiltered tap water. Use either distilled, filtered ( using a filter with an absolute pore size of 1 micron or smaller ) or previously boiled water (boil water 1 to 3 minute and allow to cool down to lukewarm or body temperature), properly mix with one original Emser Mineral Saline Mixture packet . Do not use homemade recipes. Improper concentrations of the solution could irritate or injure the mucus membrace. Fot this reason it's strongly recommended to use Emser Nasal irrigation Bottle only in combination with Emser Mineral Saline Mixture . Do not use damaged Emser Mineral Saline Mixture packets. Keep out of reach of children.

Our unique upright design makes the rinsing experience easier than other traditional methods. Now you don't have to tilt your head in awkward positions, have water running all over the place, or down your throat. Instead, let gravity do the work! Here is how you use the Emser nasal irrigation kit:

  • Make sure that the nozzle is closed (sticking out from the bottle in a horizontal position) and fill the Emser nasal irrigation bottle with lukewarm cooled boiled water or distilled water to the “max” line. Add and dissolve one packet of Emser Mineral Saline Mixture .
  • While keeping your index finger on the opening in the cap, open the nozzle by lifting it to the upright position.
  • Stand relaxed in an upright position with your head slightly over a sink and place the nozzle securely to your nostril. Keep your mouth open wide.
  • Lift your index finger off the opening in the cap.
  • To wash the upper part of the nose, gently squeeze the bottle to increase water flow
  • The nose can be irrigated as often as necessary, generally 1 to 3 times a day.

Intended use:
The Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit is designed for easy irrigation of the nasal cavity. By washing the main nasal cavity the mucous memebrace is moistened and the nasal cavity clenased.

Nasal cleansings should always be carrried out with istonic saline solutions. It is strongly recommended that the Emser Nasal Irrigation Bottle 250ml should be used only in combination with the Emser Mineral Saline Mixture. The amount of one packet of Emser Mineral Saline Mixture 250ml is suitable for one filling of the Emser Nasal Irrigation Bottle.

Works For:

  • Sinus pressure
  • Nasal congestion
  • Airway-relaed allergic such as house dust allergies or hay-fever
  • Nasal discomfort due to cold & flu symptoms
  • Prevention of colds
  • Irritation from dust and dirt pollution
  • Nasal dryness and crusting , e.g. due to external impacts such as air conditioning.
  • After endonasal surgery
Active ingredients:
Contains a mixture of precious saline minerals with 5% Natural Emser Salt from a thermal spring in Bad Ems, Germany.

The natural spring salt from the thermal springs of the spa of Bad Ems contains precious minerals and trace elements in a unique balance and combination. Its origin from the depths of the earth creates a remarkable digestibility and enhances the effectiveness of the mechanical cleansing of the sinuses.

Emser Mineral Saline Mixture does not contain any chemical ingredients for preservation or for enhancing its liquid characteristics.

What's included : 1 Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit +4's mineral saline mixture
Manufactured: Germany
Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit + 4\'s Saline Mixture ( Sinus )
Emser Nasal Irrigation Kit + 4\'s Saline Mixture ( Sinus )
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