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Elora eme and illumin Set by imono 护理眼霜+眼膜 配套 (2 items/set)

Elora eme and illumin Set by imono 护理眼霜+眼膜 配套 (2 items/set)
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Elora eme and illumin Set 护理眼霜+眼膜 配套 (2 items/set)

Elora eme 精华液 30ml X 1

Elora illumin 眼睛面膜 (15包) X 1

Elora eme (30ml)

Skin smoother moisturizing for skin around eyes 5-in1 solution for the eyes

Smile without weary face

Wake up tired eyes

The biological process of extraction of small molecules extracted from the botanical botox easily absorbed by the skin to reduce wrinkle.

Added natural plant extracts to delicate skin around the eyes is firmer and looks smoother.

Target 5 signs of aging

Dark Circles

Fine lines

Skin dryness


Sagging skin

6 eye care elements:


reduce the total surface of wrinkles skin becomes smoother

Soy isoflavones:

boost collagen production, improve skin tone

Centella asiatica extract:

boosts antioxidant activity, improves circulation as well as the synthesis of collagen and skin tissue


- activation of the antioxidant response element

- reduce or reverse signs of premature aging

Red algae extract:

- ability to hydrate and condition the skin

- enhance sking's barrier function

Andrographis extract:

anti-inflammatory, improve skin hydration

Elora illumin Eye Mask (15 sachets/box)

Herbal Biotechnology formula

Perfect match effective Instantly

illumin eye mask is special design for treats visible accumulated skin damage around the eye zone, Reveals the appearance of a younger, more luminous look.

Main Ingredients: Yuzu, Bird's nest, Collagen

Benefits: Immediate firming effects, Reduce dark circle, Skin revitalises.

Suggested Usage:

- 1 pack can be used twice

- Mix with 2 drops of water per treatment

- Apply and leave on for 15 minustes

Elora eme and illumin首创德国科技5和1护理眼霜 -20分钟消除眼袋!

美女最爱的护肤品牌Elora回来了!全新推出德国眼袋医疗科技Elora eme ,20分钟就能消除可怕的眼袋!Elora eme 无需手术、无风险、无疼痛、无反弹、无副作用在家就能自己消除眼袋!瞬间逆龄10岁,大妈变正妹,老婆变美女的境界!

Elora从2015年创立,为帮助更多女性 #绽放光彩 #BloomingGlory 为使命,这几年来先后推出极速功效、极致品质的精华液,锁水保湿露,金丝燕窝防晒,以建立了数十万的Elora用户口碑和客户群。


为了解决所有女人苍老的烦恼,为了帮助更多女性 #绽放光彩,我们终于买下德国研发的红点眼袋医疗专利科技,此科技可以实现无需手术就能在20分钟内就能消掉眼袋的效果。实属前所未见的惊人科技!

如何正确使用 elora EME,使用之前,一定要把脸洗干净哦~

① 一次护理建议使用半包眼膜,还有半包就把它夹起来或是绑着,不要暴晒,也不要弄到水,也不要有空气进入。

② 加二 滴的小蓝。

③ 加一滴的小金。

④ 混合搅拌均匀,直到眼膜完全溶解。

⑤ 把眼膜搽在要改善的地方,然后躺下,记得头不要往下低,就像做面膜那样,敷好了,就躺着休息就好,不要说话也不要笑,以免出现细纹。

⑥ 八分干了,大约10-15分钟,就可以去冲洗干净。

⑦ 洗好脸后,像平时的程序搽小蓝和小金在脸上,眼睛一样是稍微轻轻带过。

⑧ 挤一滴眼霜EME出来,滴两小滴在上眼皮,再滴两小滴在眼袋区。

⑨ 用滚轮从眼袋区开始滑,以时间逆转方式滑整粒眼睛,一粒眼睛转15圈。

Elora eme and illumin Set by imono 护理眼霜+眼膜 配套 (2 items/set)
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