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Elf EVOLUTION 700 FT SAE 10W-40 SEMI SYNTHETIC 4 Liter Minyak engin

Elf EVOLUTION 700 FT SAE 10W-40 SEMI SYNTHETIC 4 Liter Minyak engin
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Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 14cm x 24cm x 32cm

Viscosity: 10W-40

Engine Oil Type: Semi Synthetic

Model: SN 0W-30

What's in the Box: Engine Oil

Elf Evolution 700 FT 10W40 is a premium performance motor oil using Elf semi synthetic technology, intended for lubricating gasoline passenger car engines. Suitable for a wide range of passengar cars and light commercial vehicles.

Elf Evolution 700 FT 10W40 is designed for use in :

Most petrol engines in cars and light vans.
High performance gasoline engine cars equipped with direct or indirect injection, multi valve and turbo-charge technologies
All conditions (in town, on highways or motorways); Meets needs of motor manufacturers regarding extended oil change intervals.
Elf Evolution 700 FT 10W40 offers the following benefits:

Improved engine response.
Very high anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties that maintain engine performance.
Suitable for all driving conditions.
Shear stability ensuring perfect lubrication in both hot and cold conditions
Outstanding protection against wear.
Advanced viscometrics for maximum power and minimum viscous drag.
Prevents sludge build-up and controls oxidation; Optimum power and performance under most severe driving conditions.
* This product superceeds Competition FT 10W40
Elf EVOLUTION 700 FT SAE 10W-40 SEMI SYNTHETIC 4 Liter Minyak engin
Elf EVOLUTION 700 FT SAE 10W-40 SEMI SYNTHETIC 4 Liter Minyak engin
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