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Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray 300ml

Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray 300ml
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  • The #1 effective bio-insecticide for bed bugs
  • Kills adults, nymphs & eggs fast.
  • 100% efficiency
  • Toxin-free and safe for children and pets 
  • Applicable in home, school, home etc. 
  • Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Extended Protection
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Product Information

What's in the box:

:: 1 bottle 300ml Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray





Direction for Use:

Shake well before use. Direct spray on mattress(especially seam and edge), bed frame, head board, base and legs of bed, wall edge, base board, furniture, couch, cushion, rugs, any cracks or crevices and dark spot where bed bug may occur or hide. Spray at least 2 hours before sleep. 300ml covers area of 100 square feet by spray.


Product Detail:

Contains: Natural Geraniol, Cedar Extract and other GRAS ( Generally Recognized as Safe) inert ingredients.



FAQ: Question about the EcoRaider product?


Is EcoRaider safe for use around infants, the elderly, and pets? Is it necessary to vacate either before or after treating with EcoRaider?

Yes! EcoRaider has minimum risk for using around all vertebrates – people, pets, fish and birds. There is no need to vacate either before or after using EcoRaider.


Does EcoRaider have any odour?

EcoRaider has low odour. There is slight natural woody scent from botanical extracts. Odour dissipates in 1-2 hours.


Can I spray EcoRaider directly on bedding and linen?

Yes. EcoRaider can be used directly on bedding and linen, because all the ingredients are of minimum risk to people and pets and are in compliance with FDA GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) standards.


Will EcoRaider damage the finish on furniture or wood floors?

No. EcoRaider does not contain any corrosive solvents or harsh chemicals; it will not cause damage on regular paint or wood finishes. For surfaces of special concern, test on small inconspicuous spot before use.


Can I spray EcoRaider into electrical outlets?

Since EcoRaider is a water based solution, it should not be sprayed into or in close proximity to active electrical outlets.


Will EcoRaider cause staining?

EcoRaider will not cause staining under normal use. However certain naturally derived substance in this product may cause slight discolouration on delicate surface such as silk or certain dark colour textile materials, it is recommended to test on small area before the treatment. If discolouration happens, it is removable using household detergent or cleaner.

Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray 300ml
Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray 300ml
Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray 300ml
Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray 300ml
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