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Earth Organic Super Food Beverages (Buy any 3 Free 1) - Almond Powder

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Product Information

Remark: Place order for 3 unit to get 1 FREE. Can be Mix with other flavor of Earth Organic Super Food Beverages. You will get 1 tin Free.

Earth Organic Super Food Beverages using high quality organic ingredient with modernized technology to create this nut into a convenient powder form for instant consumption without altering its nutrients quality. A super food beverage full of important nutrients, minerals and fiber designed for those who envy the goodness of the nut and yet always in the rush. Earth organic makes it possible for you to enjoy this beneficial drink in our 'rush rush’ world today.

Country of origin: Australia

Product Description

Earth Organic Almond Powder (500g)

Rich in Nutrients especially vit-E/ anti-inflammatory/ hepatotoxicity/ prevent cancer/ strengthen lung function/ improve metabolism/ beautify skin conditions/ improve digestive system
Ingredients : organic almond ,organic embryo rice, organic white sesame seed, oligosaccharides.

Earth Organic Walnut & Hazelnut Powder (500g)

High in vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids/ improve brain power/ lower cholesterol/ help diabetes/ promote healthy skin & hair/ promote heart health
Ingredients: Organic Walnut, Organic Hazelnut, Multi-Nuts(White Sesame, Almonds, Soybean).

Earth Organic Black Sesame Powder (500g)

Rich in fibre, Vit-E & vital nutrients/ relieve rheumatoid arthritis/ lower cholesterol/ prevent colon cancer/ prevent oesteoporosis/ improve grey hair symptom/ improve energy
Ingredients: Organic Black Sesame

Earth Organic Black Sesame & Black Bean Powder (500g)

Nutrients powerhouse especially iron/ superfood for pre & post natal women/ boost stamina/ prevent cancer/ anti-anxiety/ improve grey hair & encourage hair growth
Ingredients: Organic Black Sesame Seed, Organic Black Soybean, Brown Rice Bran, Fructose-Oligosaccarides (FOC).

Earth Organic Black Multi Grains Powder (500g)

Nutrients powerhouse/ boost metabolism/energy boosting especially for elderly/ prevent osteoporosis/ improve immunity/ improve fertility
Ingredients: Mutli-Grains (Organic Black Rye Oat, Red Wheat, Black Glutinous Rice, Buffalo Barley, Millet, Buckwheat, Multi-Nuts (Organic Black Sesame, White Sesame, Almonds). Multi-Beans (Organic Black Soybean, Red Lentil, Green Garden Bean) (Certified by NASAA). Brown Rice Bran, Red Date (non- GMO)

Earth Organic 5 Grains Powder (500g)

Rich in fibre & multi-nutrients/ detoxify body/ lower cholesterol/ prevent osteoporosis/ protect digestive tract/ supply prebiotic
Ingredients: (Organic Rye Oat, Millet , Buckwheat, Black Soybean, Red Lentil). (Certified by NASAA). Brown Rice Bran, Lecithin, Yeast (non-GMO).

Earth Organic Brown Rice & Herbs Powder (500g)

High in fibre & vital nutrients/ prevent gallstone/ prevent breast cancer/ anti-aging/ anti-inflammatory/ strengthen spleen and kidney/ improve respiratory function
Ingredients: (Organic Brown Rice, Brown Rice Bran). (Certified by NASAA). Gorgon, Lotus, Poria, Chinese Yam (non-GMO).

Earth Organic Chinese Yam & Red Coix Powder (500g)

Anti-spasmodic/ anti-inflammatory/ help rheumatism/ arthritis/ cramp/ muscle pain/ diuretic/ avoid gallbladder inflammation/ irritable bowel syndrome/ balance menopause complication/ prevent cancer/ inhibit tumor cell growth/ protect gastrointestinal problem
Ingredients: Organic Red Coix, Organic Oat (Certified by NASAA). Chise Yam, Prune, White Sesame. (non-GMO).

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