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黄牛木中风青草药 ( 350ml)

黄牛木中风青草药 ( 350ml)
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Cochinchinens ( scientific name : Cratoxylum cochinchinense), English name : Yellow Cow wood, Smooth Barked Mempat), aka cattle tea , Huang Ya wood , dog bud wood , wooden cages , water mango

Cochinchinens roots, leaves and bark used as medicine , sweet and light , slightly bitter , cool . Can detoxify , dampness Xiaozhi , blood and swelling , bruises . Can cure a cold , fever, cough and hoarseness , enteritis , diarrhea , indigestion , jaundice. Chinese tea called cattle . One also herbal tea RedBull main material

**Before starting any supplements regimen, it's best to consult a doctor or health care expert.

黄牛木 (学名:Cratoxylum cochinchinense) ,英文名称:Yellow Cow wood、Smooth Barked Mempat),别称黄牛茶、黄芽木、狗芽木、雀笼木、水杧果

黄牛木根、嫩叶及树皮入药,味甘淡、微苦 ,性凉。能清热解毒,化湿消滞,去瘀消肿,跌打损伤。可治感冒发热、咳嗽声嘶、肠炎、腹泻,消化不良、黄疸等。中药名为黄牛茶。 亦为凉茶廿四味的主要材料之一


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