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ISBN: 9789863072171

出版日期: 2022-07-01

作者: 傅正明

裝訂: 平裝.單色印刷.336頁.21.


  中文領域第一本研究波斯大詩人奧瑪.珈音(Omar Khayyam)《魯拜集》(Rubaiyat)的專著,重在比較研究珈音的思想及其四行詩的詩意與中國文化或隱或顯的關係。作者對珈音的作品與中國儒道釋三家思想,屈原、李白、杜甫、邵雍、蘇軾的詩詞,《紅樓夢》的文化意蘊,以及文化大師陳寅恪的獨立精神和自由思想等各個方面詳加比較分析。對於那些囿於費茲傑羅英譯及其中譯的讀者來說,本書足以顛覆對《魯拜集》的傳統理解,引發新的審美陶醉。
  About the Book
  This book is the first monograph in Chinese that searches for the Rubaiyat of the great Persian poet Omar Khayyam. It focuses on the comparative study and the implicit or explicit relationship between the thoughts and quarains of Khayyam and the Chinese culture. The author has made a broad comparative analysis of the similarities and the differences between Khayyam’s works and the thoughts of Chinese Confucianism, Taoism, and Zen, as well as the poems of Qu Yuan, Li Bai, Du Fu, Shao Yong, and Su Shi, the cultural connotation of Cao Xueqin's novel Dream of the Red Chamber and the independent spirit and free thoughts of Chen Yinke, a master of Chinese learning. For the readers who are confined to Fitzgerald’s Rubaiyat and and the old Chinese translations, this book is enough to overturn the traditional understanding of the Rubaiyat and procure a new aesthetic intoxication.
  封面繪畫:《魯拜集》英國版第四版99首插圖 (1913年),雷恩.布爾 (René Bull)




About the Author 

Zhengming Fu​
  Zhengming Fu, Chinese poet, scholar and translator living in Sweden, was born in Hunan province in 1948 and graduated from Beijing University with a Degree of Master of Arts. Fu has written and published a number of books such as Comment on a Century of the Nobel Prize In Literature (Taipei, 2004), A Parachute Jump from Dreams: The Poetic Word of Tomas Transrtrömer (Taipei, 2013), The Poet-Monk With Crazy Wisdom: A Romantic Trilogy of Chögyam Trunpa (Taipel, 2017). In the area of translation, Fu’s numerous works include A New Translation of English Lyrics (Taipei, 2012), Five Hundred Poems from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayym (Taipei, 2015), and A Monument of Poetry Built by William Shakespeare & Others (Taipei, 2016).

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