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说说唱唱《英语绕口令》Tongue Twister (VCD)

说说唱唱《英语绕口令》Tongue Twister (VCD)
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Product Information

1. I Slit the Sheet
2. The Two-Twenty-Two Train
3. Green Glass
4. Silly Sheep
5. She Sells Sea Shells
6. She Sells Sea Shells (Song )
7. Thirtieth Birthday
8. Groundhog
9. See-Saw
10. A Cup of Proper Coffee
11. Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers
12. Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers (song)
13. Scream
14. Bug and Dog
15. Elizabeth's Birthday
16. Back Bike Brake
17. Night-Light
18. Night-Light(Song)
19. Biscuits
20. Can a Can
21. A Tidy Tiger
22.The Gift
23. A Tree Toad Loved a She-Toad
24. A Tree Toad Loved a She-Toad (song)
25. Window Washers
26. A Good Cook
27. Berry
28. Berry(song)
29. Mr. Tongue Twister
30. Bug and Bear I
31. Bug and Bear II
32. Bear and Boar
33. Bear and Boar (song)
34. A flea and a fly
35. A Woodchuck
36. Bobby Bippy
37. Bobby Bippy (song)
38. Say This
39. Swan
40. A twister
41. A twister (song)
42. A Thought
43. Doctor
44. Mo Mi Mo Me and Me Me Mo Mi
45. Mo Mi Mo Me and Me Me Mo Mi (song)
46. One-One and Two-Two
47. Wish
48. Understand
49. Understand (song)
50. Fresh Fried Fish
51. Bittern
52. Saw and Seesaw
53. Silly Sally
54. Silly Sally(song)
55. Mr. Cook
56. Smart Fellow
57. Smart Fellow (song)
58. If the Mongol Hordes Got Bored
59. If the Mongol Hordes Got Bored(song)
60. Pheasant Plucker's Mate and Forbear
61. Pheasant Plucker's Mate and Forbear(song)
62. 说说唱唱372简介1
63. 说说唱唱372简介2
  Technical details
出版年份: 2010
No. of Disc: 1 VCD (无字卡)


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