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说说唱唱《英诗+经典歌曲 vol.2》 POEMS + EVERLASTING SONGS VOL 2 (DVD)

说说唱唱《英诗+经典歌曲 vol.2》 POEMS + EVERLASTING SONGS VOL 2 (DVD)
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Product Information
英语诗歌独特的文体,是英语学习者感受音韵、遣词造句、提升文字敏感度最佳的教材!在欣赏一篇篇精美短小诗文的同时,也让大家回味一首首百听不厌的经典好 歌和脍炙人口的英语童谣:Oh! Suzanna、The Merry-Go-Round、The Wheels on the Bus、Que Sera Sera、Baa, Baa, Black Sheep和Looby Loo等等。

1. Little Kids (poem)
2. Medley:
Father’s Whisker+ Turkey in the Straw+ Oh! Suzanna

3. If by Life You Were Deceived (poem)
4. Seasons in the Sun
5. The Time-Brood (poem)
6. Medley:
The Merry-Go-Round + The Clock+ The Wheels on the Bus

7. The Look (poem)
8.Close to You (song)
9. Why? (poem)
10. Medley:
Queh Sera Sera+ Clementine + You Are My Sunshine

11. Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines(poem;excerption)
12. The End of the World (song)
12. Pretty Cow (poem)
14. Medley:
Baa,Baa, Black Sheep+ Yankee Doodle+ Kookaburra

15. Life Is So Short (poem)
16. Fly Me to the Moon (song)
17. Wooloomooloo (A Riddle)
18. Medley:
Once an Austrian Went Yodeling+ The Train+ Rig-a-Jig-Jig

19. Those Winter Sundays (poem)
20.Bridge over Troubled Water (song)
21. Catch A Little Rhyme (poem)
22. Medley
Looby Loo+ Chim Chim Cheree+ On the Ning Nang Nong

23. Sonnet 18(poem)
24. Can't Take My Eyes off You (song)
  Technical details
出版年份: 2010
No. of Disc: 1 DVD


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