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王夫之詩學理論重構:思文 / 幽明 / 天人之際的儒門詩教觀

王夫之詩學理論重構:思文 / 幽明 / 天人之際的儒門詩教觀
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ISBN: 9789860312010

出版日期: 2012-04-01

作者: 曾守仁

裝訂: 平裝.單色印刷.422頁.



  因此,船山倡言興觀群怨四者融通,經由情的收攝與轉進成為一心之洞燭與朗現,由人之情而得窺天之性;藉著抒情自我的靈視與觀照,那既是心性論上的延伸,同時也回應世運衰頹之所由,藉以辨明、超越晚明一片情論的差相彷彿。至此,遺民船山終能克服時間的天敵,其淒心熱魄得以安頓於(如白地光明錦)詩歌之中,將此孤忠丹心寄予後世,而那也是鼎革之後唯一的乾淨之土,讓自身超出了當代天崩地解。 英文提要

  This dissertation aims to reconstruct the poetic theory of Wang Fu-chih. First of all, it discusses Wang’s misery poetry, from which the author also tries to review topics like “stimulating observing express fellowship show resentment”, “Fusion between emotion and scene”, “Theory of poetry and lyrics” and “concept and dynamic structure” to demonstrate that “affection” is the prerequisite of poetry.  Furthermore, how Wang re-shapes the above-mentioned topics through “proper affections” and how he reflects poetry are also observed in the dissertation.

  Poetry was not dominated by affection only when developed in Ming and Chin dynasties. At that time, it was overtaken by styles like “Shishi” and “Prose as poetry” . Concept was the dominant factor in composing poetry and narration and comment also appeared.  Simplicity and elegance in poetry were severely challenged when novels became popular, and this also led to a conflict between affection and narration. Moreover, poets’ original voice was further refrained by principles and formats. Under this situation, poetry was no more a reflection of poets’ affection; rather, it became a writing style for poets to follow, and its simplicity was questioned.

  Therefore, Wang believed that poetry lost its purity. He proclaimed the integration of “stimulating observing express fellowship show resentment”, and turned affection into insight and enlighten in the hope that human affection can observe the nature of the universe. His view about affections was different from other poets in the late Ming dynasty. He also believed that lyrics must be combined with poetry. In other words, lyrics should be the base for affection to further illuminate human emotion and poetry also needs to combine with morality to lead human beings to the original state of Grand Harmony where order and ethnics are still intact. Inspired by the combination of affection and lyrics, poets were able to reach the state of Grand harmony; poetry therefore served as a medium for their elevation and enlighten. “Concept is the dominant factor in poetry” proclaimed by Wang then demonstrated that a good concept is a process of thinking and reflection neither just a quotation of others’ works nor imagination.

  Wang’s poetry theory actually is not an isolated territory. Judging from its consistency of thoughts, it is indeed the study of Heaven and Human Nature, also an extension of Theory of Human Nature. For folks living in the change of Ming and Chin dynasties, Wang’s affection-oriented poetry appropriately served as their response to the chaotic political environment. Wang could also attached his loyalty to Ming and found his redeem and a peaceful final settlement in his own poetry.



  臺灣大學中國文學博士,現任輔仁大學中文系助理教授。主要研究領域包括宋、明、清詩學與文學理論。期刊、專書論文包含:竟陵派、錢謙益、王夫之研究論文數篇;《金聖嘆評點活動研究──擬結構主義的重構與解構》,暨南國際大學碩士論文,1998年,黃錦樹、高大威指導;《王夫之詩學理論重構:思文 / 幽明 / 天人之際的儒門詩教觀》,臺灣大學博士論文,2008年,鄭毓瑜指導。

王夫之詩學理論重構:思文 / 幽明 / 天人之際的儒門詩教觀
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