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【SOS】Fire Panic Sos 脂肪燃烧减肥丸

【SOS】Fire Panic Sos 脂肪燃烧减肥丸
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Product Information

【SOS】Fire Panic Sos 脂肪燃烧减肥丸

Products can accelerate the secretion of hormones & further speed up the burning of fats, and maximise efficiency of rapid weight loss!

Taken once a day, the body secretions naturally thin the blood and blood vessels running through the body through the various parts of the body during sleep to complete purification, microbial toxins, the body will lean raw blood and body waste discharged mandatory.

Running through the blood vessels to various parts of the body, taking away all the stubborn fat, fat cells, long-term accumulation of waste.

After purifying the body, the rapid absorption of body fat, it promotes long term resident intestinal bacteria to quickly absorb excess microbial nutrition, preventing obesity!

Ingredients: Chitin, L-carnitine, mushroom, lactic acid bacteria, lactose, water-soluble dietary fiber, magnesium oxide, cellulose, Xiao sugar, vitamin B,

Contents : 23.1g (385Mg x 60 tablets)

Method of Use: take 2-4 capsules before going to sleep a day, a month of weight. Swallow with warm water, after taking it to bed, sleep stability, more attention to rest, do not stay up all night, avoid spicy stimulation

People suggested that when taking the first pack, take 4 tablets a day, while continuing to reduce the number after the second pack.

<产品名称> 日本原装正品 fire panic SOS鼠尾草辣椒瘦身减肥食品

<主要原料> 鼠尾草,哈瓦那辣椒粉,植物精致加工油脂,珊瑚钙 野草酶素:黑胡萝卜,红胡萝卜,艾蒿,鱼腥草, 芦荟,枸杞叶,薏仁,金丝桃,山白竹,蒲公英根, 连钱草,姜黄,桃叶,胡草的种子,银杏叶,荔枝,忍冬 ,遮羞布,红花,西伯利亚人参,甘茶蔓 ,决明子草, 罗汉果 ,杜仲叶,草生存,枇杷叶,黄麻,接骨木,粗糠,沙岑草 ,枸杞叶,萱草,松叶 ,南天竹叶,马尾,甜菜糖。低聚糖。红糖,蜂蜜,浓缩胡萝卜汁,洋葱提取浓缩,香菇提取物,橙子浓缩汁,香菜汁,浓缩果汁浊度松。苹果,海带,海藻,酸梅汁 ,余甘提取粉,梅花提取物,博士茶提取,绿茶提取物,黑胡椒提取物,龙辣椒提取物,纤维素,氧化镁,柠檬酸,L-肉碱,L-酒石酸,柠檬酸 , 硫辛酸(α硫辛酸),维生素B2,维生素B1,维生素B6

<产地> 日本

<规格> 43.2g(480mg×90粒)

<产品説明> 讨黑胡椒,长辣椒,哈瓦那辣椒,氧化镁,珊瑚钙,绿茶提取物,野花酶素,柠檬酸,α-硫辛酸,L-肉碱的配合体现了减肥保健的效果。

<食用方法> 本产品是营养保健食品,一日3-6粒最佳,温水一粒一粒慢慢吞服。

<注意事项> ■并非大量服用本品即可**疾病或增进健康。 ■请遵守每日服用量。 ■婴儿、小儿禁止服用本品。 ■不符合体质的人群,请中止服用。 ■如服用其他药品,使用本品前请咨询医生。 ■食物过敏者请注意成分标注。 ■妊娠期或授乳期人群慎用。 ■本产品是一种保健食品。

【SOS】Fire Panic Sos 脂肪燃烧减肥丸 【SOS】Fire Panic Sos 脂肪燃烧减肥丸 【SOS】Fire Panic Sos 脂肪燃烧减肥丸 【SOS】Fire Panic Sos 脂肪燃烧减肥丸
【SOS】Fire Panic Sos 脂肪燃烧减肥丸
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