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【Sheppartone】Egg Essence EGF / C60 童颜蛋

【Sheppartone】Egg Essence EGF / C60 童颜蛋
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Product Information

【Sheppartone】Egg Essence EGF / C60 童颜蛋

About the Product

  • EGF-Epidermal Growth Factor Serum Regulating Cell Growth, Proliferation & Differentiation to Shoal Deep Wrinkles, Erase Fine Lines, Tighten Flabby Skin and Lift Sagged Neck.

  • EGF Serum helps:-

  • 1. proliferate skin cell.

  • 2. accelerate healing of skin

  • 3. absorb nutrients & cell growth

  • 4. reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • 5. lighten the skin

  • 6. hydrate skin.

  • Features ​This EGF serum stimulates cellular proliferation, cellular differentiation & accelerates healing of skin by helping skin stem cells absorb nutrients, stimulate cell division & growth. This leads to reduction in wrinkles and fine lines while it synthesizes hyaluronic acid and glycoproteins, which help skin hydrate. By promoting the growth of new cells which replace old cells injured by UV radiation, it lightens skin by reducing the melanocytes.

  • EGF-Epidermal Growth Factor: Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle by rejuvenating skin cell by stimulating cell proliferation. Minimizing pores. Eliminating scars and speckles by improving the texture and condition of the skin. EGF is a growth factor that plays an important role in the regulation of cell growth, proliferation, differentiation and survival. It stimulates the synthesis of DNA, RNA, hydroxyproline as well as hyaluronic acid, accelerates cell proliferation and differentiation of various epidermal of skin. The deficiency of EGF will result in delayed wound healing, difficult scar healing, skin aging, and formation of wrinkles, freckles and age pigment.

  • 1. Rejuvenates skin: EGF can help skin stem cells to absorb nutrients, speed cell metabolism, accelerate skin cell division and growth, and stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and glycoproteins.

  • 2. Accelerates cell regeneration and tissue repair: EGF can promote the healing of wound surface of skin and mucosa, reduce scar contracture and skin cell’s abnormal proliferation.

  • 3. Whiten skin: EGF can promote the growth of new cells which replace cells injured by ultraviolet radiation. It does this by reducing the number of melanocytes in the skin.

  • How To Use:-

  • Suitable use it at night

  • 1. Cleanser -> Toner -> EGF -> Moisturiser -> TLMA

What is C60?

C60 is fullerence. Fullerene (C60) is a collective term for spherical carbon allotropes that are potent antioxidants and reportedly react with various oxygen chemical species such as free radicals. It has been found that water-soluble fullerene inhibited the peroxidation of squalene induced by ultraviolet B.

1. Fullerene(C60) is a carbon allotrope of carbon, like a diamond.

2. Fullerene(C60) is a Nobel Prize winning material

3. Fullerene(C60) is a super anti-oxidant.

  • - 172 times as effective as Vitamin C

  • - stable against light and/or heat

  • - power is long-lasting (more than 24 hours)

Advantage of Fullerene!!

  • Nobel Prized Winning Ingredient

  • 172 times as effective as Vitamin C

  • Stable against light(UV) and/or heat

  • Power is long-lasting (more than 24 hours)

  • Abundance of Clinical data

  • Multifunctional ingredient

  • Safety and secure ingredient selected by Clinic Doctors

童颜蛋——SHEPPARTONE香铂顿 精华原液组合


医美原液,顾名思义-曾运用于医学中。EGF、C60这两个成分的出现都曾获国际诺贝尔奖项,可自行百度查阅。两者共通的基础功效:超强补水!诚招各级代理批发微信:v1016424701 【长期招收代理】

EGF原液:指的是添加高浓度护肤成分EGF,能够针对肌肤需要,给肌肤更直接,更安全,更强效的保养,让肌肤在短时间内恢复最佳状态的美容产品。EGF早期运用于医学中,当病人有大面积烧伤后,会用EGF原液来修复,所以EGF 的另一个名称是“肌肤表皮生长因子”。用于修复一切肌肤表皮问题:痘痘、痘印、红血丝、晒伤、烫伤、蚊虫叮咬等。

【Sheppartone】Egg Essence EGF / C60 童颜蛋
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