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【Ready Stock】 Crystal Glass Crown Jewerly Box 水晶玻璃皇冠饰盒

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Size (length*width*height): 15cm x 15cm x 15cm

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用你的爱去呵护你的水晶饰品,给它一个好的休息的净化场所,它会更有灵性,在保护你的同时给你带来好运!! 水晶为什么要消磁?? 水晶为什么要消磁水晶是一个很有灵性宝石,具有记忆功能,阿紫开采和运输时接触其他人,记忆了很多磁场。所以必须消除,才能让你睡觉更好的和你的磁场相适应。 在您你佩戴水晶过程中,可能别人触碰过你的水晶,或者你进入到负能量比较强的地方,如医院,凶宅,墓地等,水晶会储存不利于你的负能量,此时的水晶也需要消磁净化! 水晶做好的消磁方法,莫过于以晶养晶,却把水晶饰品放在水晶碎石或者水晶洞中,经过八个小时以上水晶碎石或者水晶洞中振动能量的静化,而把水晶饰品的负能量转移吸收,并使水晶饰品正能量得到纯正,加强!佩戴消磁后的水晶,不但戴着好看,更是会给你带来好运!

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Use your love to care for your crystal jewelry, give it a good rest and purification place, it will be more spiritual and bring you good luck while protecting you!! Why should crystal degaussing?? Why is crystal degaussing crystal is a very spiritual gem, with memory function, Azi mining and transporting to contact other people, remember a lot of magnetic fields. So you must eliminate it so that you can sleep better and adapt to your magnetic field. In the process of wearing the crystal, you may have touched your crystal, or you enter a place with strong negative energy, such as a hospital, a haunted house, a cemetery, etc., the crystal will store the negative energy that is not good for you. Also, need degaussing purification! The degaussing method of the crystal is to crystallize the crystal but put the crystal jewelry in the crystal gravel or crystal hole. After more than eight hours of crystal gravel or the static vibration of the crystal hole, the crystal jewelry The negative energy transfer absorption, and the crystal jewelry positive energy is pure, strengthen! Wearing the crystal after degaussing, not only looks good but also brings you good luck!
【Ready Stock】 Crystal Glass Crown Jewerly Box 水晶玻璃皇冠饰盒
【Ready Stock】 Crystal Glass Crown Jewerly Box 水晶玻璃皇冠饰盒
【Ready Stock】 Crystal Glass Crown Jewerly Box 水晶玻璃皇冠饰盒
【Ready Stock】 Crystal Glass Crown Jewerly Box 水晶玻璃皇冠饰盒
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